I told ya! I told ya!


Don't believe me that Titanium Megatron sucks?

Those legs falling off and the constant attempts to get him to stand are just awful.

I so wish, at the end of the video, Larkin had just thrown Megatron against the wall and capture the figure breaking apart into all the pieces. A fade to black on Megatron's head would then have been an appropriate end.


Oh I would have done so but metal hitting drywall don't get well. I originally wasn't going to do the video, but I felt the need to do so as a public service to the rest of the Transformers community. THIS TOY DOES INDEED SUCK! It's not work it at $15 bucks or even 50% off. I have no idea what Hasbro was thinking when they let this guy out.

What a pile of shit! How did this *THING* ever get past Quality Control?


I have knock offs of way better quality than this.

Man, I knew that thing was going to be trouble the moment I saw an embossed 'M' in the general groin-transformation region. It's almost on par with Classics Prime's spatula-crotch!

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