Hey peoples.

Could you do me a favor?

Visit the Transformers The Movie DVD page via the graphic link down at the right side of this page.

I was contacted by a marketing company about putting the advertising for the DVD up because apparently Plastic Crack Dot Net is a viable Transformers-related site now.

I'm not getting paid or anything but they are sending me a free copy of the DVD which is nice since I hadn't planned on buying it since I already own an older release.

It'd be cool if they saw a little traffic at least come from this site.

Plus there's some cool Don Fiqueroa art from the cover of the DVD there.

Personally, I'm partial to the Optimus version.

But Fiqueroa's art, no matter the character, is usually enough to make my panties moist.


Awesome news man. Nothing beats free swag. Link clicked. BTW how did you get one of those link things?

They contacted me.

I clicked, I looked, I left. :-)

I got one of those. I put in for it. I hope it pans out. After researching the company I'd say they are legit. I found a couple of websites that actually did recieve thier promised DVDs among the many that dismissed the place as spam junk.

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