Classics Megatron


Classics Megatron

At first I was pretty apathetic about Classics Megatron.

The color palette doesn't seem right for the character and the "wings" and gun mode just aren't something I'd like.

But since I saw MightyMegs' one at Botcon he's really grown on me.

I wonder how easy he'd be to just tone down the colors a bit.

Classics Megatron is the 1735th Transformer that I've ever purchased.



I just realized on my own Meg's that the tabs that connect the wing halfs can fold down. They Look much better like that.

Only problem I have with the figure is that I wish the hand on the cannon arm was fliped. So that he can have the gun placed on top of his wrist rather than underneath or to the side. It can be done anyways but that hand pointing backwards just looks odd.

One thing that I like about this toy is the transformation itself. It is different then most transformers and credit needs to be given to the designers, very nicly done.

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