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So images of early release "preview" movie toys have popped up.

These are Optimus Prime and Starscream before they get reformatted on Earth.

It definitely will save fandom a lot of collective frustration to just think of this as another line/brand and not try to tie it into anything that previously released in the past 20+ years.

They look like pretty much standard modern anime mecha now.

And I have to tell ya, I just can't get interested in them.

I'm not into Gundam or miscellaneous robots. I'm not even into Macross-type mecha anymore so these new designs just don't interest me.

At least from these "prototype" forms, the TF film line so far has lost the "Transformers-ness" of the characters for me.

The only way I think I'd end up with these will be if they are clearanced or the stupid completeness collector addictive nature of my personality kicks in.


These bots have been beaten with a very LARGE ugly stick. Honestly. They remind me of the Bionicles toys that my son recently got with his Happy Meals. In a word. PASSthankyouverymuch.

They suck but once again it proves your theory and reasoning thats it's not about the collector it's about bringing in new fans

They remind of the rock guys from He-Man. You know, "We all turn into the same crappy amorphous blob shape!" Seriously, this makes me even more not excited than before.

I like ot keep COntinuity among my toys. At least in my head, I don't know why I do it but I do. However it's not the same continuity as anything cannon other than vaguly "G1 mostly sor tof happened and Beast Wars started but differently".

I've been thinking of Chronologing it all out recently.

Based on these designs I'm thinking they will just sort of be a "new race" of Transformers or something. Or alien transformers of some sort. Maybe we'll go with an alternae dimension theory. I'll have to see more of the designs.

Anyway, I kind of like these for whatever reason. Like you said, they look kind of like anime Mechs, that's probably it. I sold off most of my Gundams a while ago, but mostly because of space constraints. That doesn't mean I don't like the idea.

I think my biggest complaint of the movie so far is that the writers have changed backstory without any real need or purpose. It's not a step back so much as sideways; but what's the point?

They idea, if I understand some writer comment correctly, is that the TFs have evolved beyond requiring spaceships and simply reformat themselves as intergalactic Rock Lords for travel, and then presumably reformat themselves again once they get to their destination.

What astounds me most about this is the number of fans that seem to think it's the best bloody thing to happen to the franchise since the invention of Sparks.


Intergalactic Rock Lords, I tells ya...

These look kind of neat. I appreciate the new approach--what they are really doing is focusing on the fact that the Transformers are not just robots, but aliens.

There really wasn't much "alien" about G1 Transformers- even on cybertron they were futuristic looking but recognizable earth vehicles (complete with windshields despite fact their were no pilots- wtf?) and robots with humanesque proportions. That really never make alot of sense-why does a robot from another planet have two eyes and a nose and ten fingers?

Alex: That's a good argument that has done the rounds on the boards quite a bit now. ^_^

I think that the premise of having the actual aliens be somewhat alien is not a bad one. It's the way that they have implemented this idea...

Basically, we a talking about shortcuts. Optimus Prime has ten fingers and two eyes because it allowed children to relate to him easily as a 'person', even though he was a giant alien robot.

(Similarly in the cartoon; how often did they 'shoot' the scene from shoulder-level, instead of ground-level?)

This is just another shortcut; how do we really represent the TFs as really *alien*? Let's make them look insectile (Starscream's face) and robotic! (pinchers)

Totally the same premise... they are just shooting for a different crowd this time; the sort of 18 to 24ers that thought Independence Day was the height of cinematic art. ^___^

So really, you know, the idea that they are starting to be... 'true'?... to the actual backstory... it just seems like more of a marketing move.

Somebody did raise an excellent point though; that by changing up the aesthetic in this way, Bay et al. are disassociating the franchise from it's campy cartoon roots... makes a lot of sense financially, when you think about it.

Now, all we have to ask is... will this movie feature... The Tumbler!?!

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