No luck today.


So on my way from from breakfast today I decided to drive out to the usually pointless and overpriced KayBee in hopes of finding the TFUniverse Micromaster Superion set.

Alas. Nothing except their usual overpriced basics at $9.99 and deluxes at $12.99.

I swear I dont' know how the hell they've managed to even stay afloat anymore. Sure they declared bankruptcy and closed hundreds of stores around the country but at $5+ than standard retail it blows my mind anyone shops there.

And if TFs are marked that much higher I can only imagine what othe lines are insanely priced.

I decided to hit other stores along the way and didn't even find anything. I had hoped the new 3" Titaniums were making appearances but apparently not.

Oh well. Balls!

In other news, my plastic crack mule Max Power delivered the goods to JOP up in Glass City. JOP now has a ton of new Cybertron crack that never made an appearance on shelves up there.


Oh. And I accidentally raised the price of something I didn't want on Ebay and won it.

I don't know what I was thinking but I won an unopened case of 12 Car Robots Super Spychangers in the hopes that one of the remaining 3 clear chase variants may be inside.

For $25 that's a chancey auction for me.

Odds are totally against me on this one but maybe... just maybe... one of the chase figures will be in there!


They didnt stay afloat up in my neck of the woods as our over priced kay bee went belly up last december but i will say this i wish i would have got that energon camo cyclonus when they were open

Energon Camo Cyclonus?

Do you mean the one that was in the colors he appeared in briefly in the beggining before becoming the Snowcat thing?

It was a pleasure to meet mister Power. ^_^ TY though; like I said, the timing couldn't have been better - my daughter is feeling sick as a dog, and suddenly there's not one but four new TFs in the apartment. It's like Xmas came early. ^_^

Also, here's hoping that auction has a happy ending. ^___^

I just passed by my local KB today and saw them plenitful. Too bad there were 5 bucks a pop and I wasn't about to spend $30 for a Micromaster combiner.

I could never figure it out either. They used to do a TON of great closout stuff though. I used to work at a Kay Bee as a manager. I picked up a lot of dirt cheap junk. Especially after my employee discount. The best deals I got were on Star Wars vehicles. 10 dollar Pod racers and 20 a dollar AT-AT. That AT-AT sadley is the largest toy I own and I have never had anywhere to put it so it's been languishing away in a box in my parent's attic.

One day I will have my office damnit!

Nala. yeah that one i thought he was an Kay bee exclusive i just like this version better out of all the remolds/recolors of him

Yeah, you know something's overpriced when they can do a "Buy one, get one 50% off" sale (as they are in fact doing in my area), and the total price is only then about the same as practically every other store out there!

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