The purtification of Barricade


I saw this on one of the sites and just had to comment on it.

Jin Saotome's Barricade alteration is just fun! Period!

I may have to try this one day.

I'm wondering how easy this would be to alter for a Binaltech or Alternator Prowl.


i thinking.
how about putting a speaker in a soundwave with all his voice snippets in mp3 or something and dude can just speak.why dont they do just take dialouge from the cartoon series and you can upload into it like on some crazy ish.

As I recall he had a rundown of what he did on his own site. I imagine the binaltechs/alts would be a little trickier considering that they have different style lights on their hoods, plus they'd both need to be red. . . and youngariff, they made an MP3 soundwave, so all you'd need to do is modify his shoulder weapon into a mini-speaker. Or find a similarly sized speaker tube (which I think they do make for iPods) and paint it blue.

Frowny: !!! Modifying the shoulder launcher into a speaker would be GENIUS! Anybody want to take a stab at mass-producing these things?

I'm doing this custom as soon as I've got a dremel tool. I only wish I had the skill to do the other things Jin can do...

its time they made a masterpiece soundwave.i woulndnt mind luggin him around.but the mp3 version is a start.he needs a small mic rather on his shoulder cannon.cos he records sound mostly.unlike blaster.that could fit.

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