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This is probably on the Tivo from last night.

They do love the toys they parody.

And apparently that's Frank Welker doing Megs too.

But really, Shockwave is the best!!!


that was the best robot chicken sketch ever!


Man, I love Robot Chicken!!! Too bad I have to hide it from my 6-4-2 year olds. They should totally do a Transformers episode like the Star Wars one. I'm thinking about compiling all of the sketches of TF stuff together.

That was just, as we Aussies say, Bloody Awesome!

Australian ping pong ball tricks! That's bloody awesome! :-)

I didn't laugh at all. I'm impressed at what they do, but I didn't think it was either clever or funny. When it was over, all I could think was "Soundwave isn't a boom box. That's Blaster." I had about the same reaction to Optimus Prime having prostate cancer. In fact, I think I've only ever found one sketch in the show's history especially funny.

I'm starting to worry about myself.

This was pretty funny ...

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