Megan Fox's stinky cooch cover!?!?!


Megan Fox's stinky cooch covers!?!?!

Bruticus posted a comment about this auction, supposedly for the panties Megan Fox wore in the Transformers film.

I had to save the image for posterity.

Stretchy yet clingy. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the point of purchase guarantee that it was worn by the actor.

Should I bid?

This would be the strangest addition to The Attic of Love ever. That much IS certain!


Is it in bad taste to wonder if they have been washed and that if they haven't will they be posted in an airtight bag ?

No, you should not bid. Ewwww.

You'd be the only Transformers collector with "proof" of "contact" with female genitals.

Thanks, I'll be here all week, tip your server.

It would be very Japanese of you to get these. Only it isn't coming out of a vending machine.

This is hilarious .... LOL.

Ask for a DNA swab...

i know, i know, bad taste. either way, you should do it.

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