ROM: Spaceknight



It is so rare that I read anything comics-related that makes me happy.

But I've got 5 days of love ahead!

It is ROM week at the ISB!!!

ROM: Spaceknight is hands down one my favorite Marvel comics of the late 70s/early 80s.

It'll never top my beloved The Micronauts but then again it is totally different in concept so why should it.


I'm not a big comic guy (well, except for everyone's favorite Wall Crawler), but that looks so familiar for some reason. That rectangular blaster pistol-thingy and Zippo lighter-shaped head are pulling something out of the murky depths of my memory, but not to a shallow enough depth that I can discern where I've seen it. So now its going to just sit there and gnaw at me until I can place it.

Thanks a lot.

I sorta remember Rom from back in my paper comic reading days...

Didn't really take any notice of him at the time although i'm pretty sure i had a toy of him that i inherited from a cousin...

And this auction is very disturbing...

Heavyarms: ROM was all over the Marvel Universe. Hell... he's one of the few toy properties, along with the Micronauts, that fully integrated into Marvel. Transformers had that one cross-over with Spider-Man to make sales and that was really it.

youngariff: ROM the toy sucked! I would love a modern ROM though. It'll never happen as a major release.

Bruticus: No. What's disturbing is that Megan Fox doesn't wear panties! So the question is... are those really Shia LeBeouf's???

Well, if they are Shia LeBeouf's that would explain the "Stretchy yet clingy" comment...

ROM was awesome. I'm hoping for an Essential ROM trade paperback someday. Although I did just see a Man-Thing Essential TPB the other day, so anything is possible.

agentmorris: Highly unlikely due to the licensed nature of ROM. Believe me... I'd die for a trade of Micronauts. My copies (all newsprint of course) have been read so many times that they are just degraded beyond belief.


There must be something in the air. I just picked up some old issues of ROM. Good book.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

That's gotta be it. I remember that action figure for some reason. I probably saw an advertisement for it in the back of some Marvel comic when I was a kid, or maybe one of my uncles (all were comic freaks and all were kids of the late 70's) even had the figure. Thanks.

Before Optimus Prime there was ROM greatest of the Spaceknights. my first posting on my ROM blog site i compare the two heroes actually. for some cool discussion forums and lot of original ROM art go to:

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