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I'll be putz'n around with my styles and design this week trying to implement a 3-column layout.

I've always felt bad using other people's art as a design element. My illustration days are way behind me but I do take a shit load of photos don't I? Might as well base it around that.

May work. May not.

Only Jeebus knows for sure.

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I like the new layout but liked the purple color palatte of the old site. I'd say swap the color and it would be great.

One of these days I need to get around to updating my site/blog and actually attempting to keep up to date with it.

Nothing wrong with using photos as art or design elements. Nothing at all.

i liked the previous version better honestly.

Methinks Rhinox liked the previous version.

BTW, this looks like one of my old layouts.

I like the new banner but the rest just sorta looks generic now. I do like your photographs and I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to place a greater emphasis on those, but I'm not really diggin' the new layout so much.

Am I still hatin'?

This sorta gives me a kick up the arse to get off my arse and get my website updated...

Of course, i need to buy a decent digital camera first to start taking pictures of my collection because what's a Transformers site without pictures...

Oh and like i said previously, liking the new style for the front page...

I like it, though I've gotta agree with Maldroth, maybe ditch the red for some purple. Or even go all out Web 2.0 and start slinging stripes and gradient backgrounds on everything?

Giga: gee,how'd you guess,anyway,the triple posting is an error in the website.

New site design looks good to me. I agree with changing the red colour to something else. How about a feature like: TF of the week or something? With pics and critical commentary by Nala?

I liked the purple palette better. Red, I don't know, seems "harsh" on the eyes. I did like the old Shockwave picture (it was Dreamwave, wasn't it?). I really like the new banner, though, and think it would be cool if you rotated the pictures and kept the pictured toy(s) something that most of us would otherwise rarely get to see. But considering how popular my blogs are, I'm probably not the one to tell you how to do stuff.

Did you remove the new banner? I'm viewing in Firefox, 1280x1024 and the banner's not showing up for me.

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