Real Gear Wire Tap V20


Real Gear Wire Tap V20

Real Gear Wire Tap V20 is the the 1994th Transformer that I've acquired.

I'm still not a fan of the lense/eye thing for him.

Real Gear Wire Tap V20

Real Gear Wire Tap V20


Aww, hell. You're gonna cross the 2,000 mark over the weekend when I never get on the inner-net, aren't you?

I've taken quite a shine to this guy. The phone is slick, the new decepticon colors punch him up quite a bit and being a bad guy helps sell the cyclops eye, imo. I've taken to spinning his legs around so the hollow bit is behind him and the silver heel spurs are facing forward. I like solid legs better and the silver shoes look nice when his silver forearms are showing too.

now there's a realgear i definately want.
Black with red accents is my favourite colour pattern.

My real gears just arrived today! I totaly love wire tap v20 and high score 100. I'm so impressed by the real gears that I've got to buy all the repaints.

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