2007-08-28-ehobby-mirage.jpgHoly shit! E-Hobby Exclusive Translucent Alternator Mirage is just beautiful!

This is the kind of figure Botcon Mirage should have been!

I mean... there's nom. And then there's nom nom nom nom nom!!!

And this eHobby Mirage is definitely the latter!

I can't wait for him to arrive. I think my order went through. I was so last minute on him.

In other news, Giga emailed and said he found the Scatman Cruthers redeco of movie Jazz for me.

2007-08-28-puppylove-jazz.jpgOh. Speaking of Jazz, teresa posted one of the funniest pics I've seen of toys ever.

She posed the Deluxe Movie Jazz toy with the little Robot Heroes version holding its hand like a child and it totally works!

There's just something about the RH version's pose that looks like a clinging kid!

I loved it!


glad you liked it! i want a ratchet & bb to try a similar pose with the RHs...and dude! that mirage is going to be sooo cool! i can't wait to see your pics of him too. i am going to vicariously live though you since he is out of my price range. :D

The E-Hobby Exclusive Translucent Alternator Mirage is sweet ... wish I had pre-ordered him.

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