My Little Pony (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


My Little Pony (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

So there's she is? If it is a she.

Are My Little Ponies gender-specific? I've never actually had one in my possession.

All I know is that if you lick it, the walls will start melting like candle wax and you'll see stars.


yeah, that is a gal, the boys have Clydesdale tufts around their hooves...well, my 80's ones did anyway. and it is probably best to not lick the pony again...:P

What the hell is that, the Perez Hilton edition? All it needs is drawn on semen trailing from its lips.

Holy hell...yikes. I officially withdraw my interest.

I do wonder how many of these actually sold at the Con.

"probably best to not lick the pony again"

I can't remember cos i'm old and not up on all this new street talk but is that like a thinly veiled reference to drugs or sex cos it kinda sounds like the sorta thing you hear in adult bookshops. Not that i go into them or indeed have ever worked in an adult bookshop or anything...


Intellectually knowing that the tail is wrapped up in tape or whatever and between its legs doesn't make my eyes believe any less that this pony's special power might have to do with its, um, gender ambiguousness. . .I'd be more specific, but let's just say s/he's not my type:)

I'll probably regret trying to get a laugh in this post---

From now on i'm using the term "lick the pony" as a euphemism for sex...

It'll either work or it won't and if it doesn't then i'll pick up the newest drugs craze on the street and start "snorting the pony"...

I'll get me coat *nods*

This has gotta be the most hilarious post yet on this blog!!!

Fab J must have Little Pony. Will you consider G1 transformer swap?
My basement transformer box of goodness awaits!

You aren't a true toy addict until you've freebased the pony.

"freebased the pony"

I am scared to learn the meaning of this phrase ...


"freebased the pony"

Is that anything like when you're 11 years old and you lock yourself in the bathroom with the latest Ann Summers catalogue to "groom the mane of the donkey" ?

Some sort of contemporary of 'smack the pony', mayhaps?






Did you like Sanjaya too?

Sanjaya ruled. He looked like the Bengali Anakin Skywalker.

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