This $4.99 Transformer could kill you.


Fisher-Price to Recall Nearly 1M Toys (ABC News)

Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead.

The recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August. It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

So... if all of a sudden we were to find out that a line of TFs has something toxic about it or something to that effect, would you partake of the inevitable recall?

Or would the damn things just become listed "high-lead rare variants" on eBay and marked up another 20%?


why sell them when they know them things are toxic?

i didnt know they even sell small workin ovens to chillun over there.

my my.

You guys don't regularly lick your lead-tainted toys, do you?


See the pet food crisis earlier this year. China has no real reason to care unless they get caught.

i cant complain cos they make crack there : )

all them human alien science.

I was really sweating this last night because my favorite transforming car line of the year is made by Fisher Price. But I checked the list and Car-Nivores wasn't there. Even if they were there's no way I'm giving up the OMG VHTF T-Rex that turns into an F1 racer.

The first release Matchbox Voltrons from the eighties were recalled for lead paint issues but my mom never sent it back. She never gave it to me, but she never sent it back!

And I don't care what the "certified lead free" sticker says on my Mexican G1 Prime-I ain't opening any toy made in Mexico in the eighties.

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