Return to the Attic of Love...


Ultra Magnus confronts pure evil.

In the aftermath of the cleaning and scrubbing of the house, Ultra Magnus returns to the Attic of Love to find it devoid of Cybertronian life.


There is evil afoot!


Ah, that is awesome. I need to get myself a Revoltech Magnus one of these days.

Just picked myself up the Revoltech VF-1J and VF-1S on pre-order but Magnus is definitely next into the collection...

I give it to the Dalek in 15 seconds flat.

thank god you fixed this site. i hated that other look you had up. dance monkey! dance!

I actually prefered the "new look", except for the read borders. Change is sometimes good. What happened dude?

Oh yeah, forgot to mention: after reading on some TF boards, I found TF Movie Deluxe Arcee & Dreadwind at my local Kohls of all places. They had approx. 30 Deluxe TFs in stock, mostly wave 1 and the two I picked up. No Concept 08 Bumbleebee though.

And apparently, G1 repaint Starscream, Jazz, Ratchet, & Thundercracker are out at retail too. I haven't seen 'em though.

WTF is up with Hasblow's poor TF stock distribution???

I was trying to build a purely CSS-based 3-column layout from scratch. There was a time in 2001 when I used a table-based 3 column layout.

With the release of MovableType 4, I'm going to have a lot of new backend tags to learn and so I'm trying to tie the upgrade to that.

There's so many items that need to be upgraded in the code.

I'm still basically using MT code from version 2.11 which was a life time ago.

I'm happy it more or less works though. Regression testing seems to be one of the nice things of Six Apart.

dude.... i thought i was a dork.....






(not in a funny way)

That picture is just so cool! Hmmm, it's set my creative juices off! A Doctor Who/Transformers crossover... Which Doctor would be best, where should it be set et al!


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