Titanium Menasor (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


Titanium Menasor (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

The stuff from SDCC arrived today. So I've got my extra Hot Rod now, a psychedelic colored My Little Pony that I'm not sure what to do with, and this Menasor.

Like Classics Bumblebee, this mold is "too distinct" as Rodimus Prime to be used as another character. Keeping the flames doesn't help.

It is hilarious though that I now have the SDCC exclusive figure but I can't find a single G1 Ultra Magnus Titanium figure.

Titanium Menasor is the 1978th Transformer that I've acquired.


"a psychedelic colored My Little Pony"

Two questions...

1# I'll assume it's exactly what you say it is, a psychedelic colored My Little Pony ?

2# I may have missed something but why would you want a a psychedelic colored My Little Pony ?

2. It was something I was trying to get for Hoop. Since I typed this post I already realized what I need to do with it.

I completely agree with your comments about 6" Titanium Rodimus' mold (& Classic Bumblebee) being too distinct, there is no way I think of this guy as Menasor. To me, he is Dark Rodimus - evil twin!!

So you've gotten all your SDCC stuff, where the heck is my shipment from HTS? Must be SLOW shipping to the west coast. I am hoping to get my stuff today ...

Thanks for clearing that up because i was starting to worry for a minute...

DL: "To me, he is Dark Rodimus - evil twin!!"

Yup. He is just like a "Mirror, Mirror" Rodimus. Precisely why I don't want him. Now a psychedelic colored My Little Pony--must have. You selling this one, Nala?

Stuff and Nonsense. "Mirror, Mirror" Rodimus would totally have a goatee. There are rules about this!

Ha ha ha - Good one Frowny!!

A tiny black triangle will fix that!

Worked for Bender and Flexo.

Flexo is my hero. . .

Well, if you really want a Titanium Ultra Magnus, get back at me in a month or two. I got one and I'm pretty sure the magic's gonna wear off pretty quick. He's bigger than I'd anticipated (too big to haul Smallests), smaller than he'd have to be to hang with Classics, and really not all that spectacular except for being fuckoff rare.

Titanium Ultra Magnus is easy enough to find. The problem is you have to go to crackbay to get him and that's not worth it.

without the flame pattern he would totally work for me as War within motormaster/menasor.

without the flame pattern he would totally work for me as War within motormaster/menasor.

Exactly. The flames are just too distinct and just make him look like Dark Rodimus.

So,how much money does this guy go around for?

I would pay no more than the $20 retail. He's not in that high of demand. In fact, he's still available at Hasbro Toy Shop.

My SDCC exclusives finally arrived yesterday - they are sweet!! I love Dark Rodimus; colour scheme!!

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