Transformers Movie Swindle

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Transformers Movie Swindle

He doesn't appear in the movie but is a drone from the video game.

I love his car mode a lot.

Transformers Movie Swindle is the 1968th Transformer that I've acquired.


His "head" ruins it for me.

Transformers Movie Swindle (bot mode)

He's got a simple nice transformation and would be a fantastic bot but the cannon/eye head just doesn't work for me.

There's only really one Transformerevery created that can pull this off.

Shockwave hates you.

And he hates you.

(Note: Whirl sorta counts but he doesn't hate you as much.)

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2 issues for me:

1. Why call him Swindle? The name just doesn't fit.

2. Why red? His colour scheme totally doesn't match the other Deception TF movie molds - and seems out of place.

DL: he isn't actually a decepticon,he is a sector seven drone,the autobots got attacked by red ones,and the deceptucons by green ones.

Yeah. He's just a drone that appears in the Transformers game. They just released him as filler in the movie line.

Nala: it's a shame the bastardized your Shockwave in the Video Game

I'd imagine he's called Swindle because they want to hold onto the copyright. I mean, this is the third one since the Alt.

I kinda wish Hasbro'd get over making such a big deal about putting Autobot, Decepticon, Predacon, and Maximal in front of the old names to reuse them.

God knows kids don't give a shit and neither should the fan boys.

what is that shockwave figure?

G1 Actionmaster Soundwave.

i am looking for a good shockwave figure. what would you suggest?

Andre: You don't have too many options.

You can pick up a G1 Action Master Shockwave like this one for a couple of bucks usually. Doesn't transform but he's a good representation of the character.

Robot Heroes Shockwave is a thousand times awesome, but of course he's pretty small.

You could probably find that impostor Energon Shockblast around for about $15-$20 on Ebay.

The original G1 Shockers will run you $80 or more in good shape.

That's about it.

Then there's the greatest one ever made but it is a custom and only 1 exists: Jin Saotome's balls crushing panties wetting Shockwave!

thank you

YES! my A.M. shockwave just came from ebay! i love it!

woah, the platic quality of this figure is far better than the ones that are released in poland. i could say thet the "polish ones" look like knockoffs!

woah, the platic quality of this figure is far better than the ones that are released in poland. i could say thet the "polish ones" look like knockoffs!

I really like this guy but I dont really know why, it must be the simplisity and colour of the figure as they make him stand out from the other decepticons, or somthing like that. I've got to agree with you though, Shockwave is the only transformer who can pull off the cannon eye look. I only collect the movie line figures but I just had to make an acception for the alternators Shockwave (he's just such a great figure).

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