More Bumblebee than you can throw a VW Beetle at.

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Two new TakaraToy exclusives have popped up on the internets and I definitely think they'll be something I buy in a couple of months or so.

The Lawson's Exclusive Metallic Movie Bumblebee looks sweet in the metallic yellow paint. There's just a "depth" to the appearance instead of the way the yellow original looks so flat in appearance.

And today, I saw that Remy Rodis posted a gallery of photos of a future Hyper Hobby EZ Bumblebee (Scanning Version) figure that is awesomely translucent!

I just love the way the Japanese use translucent plastics and this new little Bumblebee is just perfect.

Of course, it'll end up at some outrageous price online or on eBay. I just know it.

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I guess the '74 Camaro metallic paint version is a somewhat convoluted tribute to G1 Goldbug.

They've already shown up on ebay...

EZ Bumblebee

Lawson Metallic Bumblebee

People are taking the piss as it is with the '08 Bumblebee without these...

If anybody can get me an '08 Bumblebee, give me a shout...

Damn! That's too steep for my tastes right now!

Thanks for sharing!

Oh. And thanks for coding a proper HTML link. Sometimes, the long URLS screw up the templates if they are not properly encoded.

Yeah see, i want an '08 Bumblebee but with people taking the piss and trying to charge up to £40 for a figure that should cost me £9.99 it's all a little bit too steep for my tastes...

The metallic Bumblebee is damn nice though...

And i had to look on my journal to do the HTML code but no worries...

Meh on both of these.
I hope to get an 09 Concept Bumblebee soon ...

The metallic bumblebee is really nice but I know its going to be an arm and a leg to get. Still no luck on the Target reset here but I figure we'll start seeing him more regularly in the next week or two.

Target reset sounds like a myth. I'm not challenging anything but I wonder why TRU or other stores don't have any new deluxes on shelves either. One of the Wal-Mart stores in my city seems to be among the first to put the real gear watch, joystick, and T.E.C.H stuff on the shelves (I saw them at location first before I read about them on the internets), which means they're not holding new merchandise for a reset, but there's no deluxes either.

I'm starting to agree, went on lunch and the eisle reset consisted of moving down to one empty deluxe peg and filling the rest with the remaining real gear figures already out.

There is nothing in town at all aside from the helmets, blasters, and other TF junk that always sits around.

All of the Robot Heroes, Deluxes, Voyagers and Leader class figures are gone.

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