Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive)


Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) (botmode)

So later in the day I got another email from Giga telling me Target had a shipment of the G1 deco movie Starscream.

I stopped there after work and got one and after putzing around with him I'm reminded of why I thought this mold totally sucked balls the first time.

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) is the the 1986th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) (alt mode)

He's still an adequate jet, though incredibly bottom-side kibbly jet.

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) (bot mode)

And on the whole, I think this color palette, while not natural, makes a better toy color deco than the original version.

But honestly...

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) (bot mode)

I throw my hands up and just don't care.

And look back at the new face. Man that's a bad paint application don't ya think?

Oh well.

Crack starvation and then finding some figure after such a dry spell will make anybody buy something.


I actually like his more drab paint job better on the first movie Starscream. As for the paint job on the head? Sucktastic to say the least. No thanks for me on most of the Wave 2 & 3 Voyagers. I would rather they made either a metallic Leader Megatron, instead of his current demonic clown paint job or how about a Leader Blackout??

But all these fugly Movie Toys beg this question in many a transforming robot geek's head---when exactly are the animated toys coming out??

Wow, he sure looks like Cybertron Starscream.

Anyway, lack of crack actually has the opposite effect on me. I end up getting irritated with the whole situation and vow to buy less in the future. I've already passed on much of the movie line. The new show looks kind of neat but I certainly won't be completest there either.

Classics 2 is another story. I NEED Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. I will die without them. LITERALLY (possibly) DIE (on unrelated causes sometime in the next 80 years)

The colours make him look far better but the head just sucks...

That head is fucking UGLY!

Oh, & you reckon Skywarp will become a Botcon exclusive?

The toy's pretty cool but it didn't live up to all the hype it got on the messageboards for me to enjoy it that much. I was really excited that I found the toy initially and then I was crushed to see that the resell value on eBay wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

The toy's a little better than the original but I agree that the head sucks. His "mouth" looks more like a Hitler mustache and that just ruins it for me.

His mustache is a little too wide for Hitler. More like J. Jonah Jameson.

I still don't own this mold yet ... waiting to get the Thundercracker G1 repaint version. If I ever see it at retail.

@Pulse - Good call on the Botcon exclusive. I say highly likely. Another incomplete seeker set - fawk.

I have this mold. The face really isnt as bad as it seems. I like it alot more than the movie version anyways. The colors are awesome btw! And he does have some secerious chicken legs... but thats how he was in the movie... so Im not complaining (they do support him btw). I did think that it was a little weird that his arms werent exactly attached in the right place... but they function just fine. I was a little unimpressed by the (I guess) "claws" around the guns... kind of pointless. The guns themselves were cool... with the whole gatling idea. Sadly though, either the missels were to heavy or the springs not powerful enough because they dont shoot that far (at least I wont lose them like I did to most of my old TF). I also think that the missels are to long... doesn't quiet fit with the whole F-22 Raptor scheme seeing as F-22's dont carry missels on the wing at all. (Im acctualy surprized Lockheed Martin didnt say anything about it) As for his robot mode, they do look cool at that lenght. The transformation isnt that hard.. it takes a few trys... but it gets easy. The way the wings fold back is REALLY cool. All in all I love it.

Zack: Is your's painted better this this one? It is awful!

Much better actually... espicialy in the face. Plus... mine is a darker blue, not by much... just enough that it doesnt look quiet so obnoxious. Oh yea! btw... I saw a cool little feature on mine that I didnt see before... The cockpit actually has a little seat in it and everything... I thought it was intresting.

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