So busy.


Major workage right now.

I'm the project lead for a full top-to-bottom, floor-to-ceiling, 4 building 16 floor physical audit of all IT assets at my company.

The next week or so will be oh so fun.

Oh. And still no new toys to be found in Cowtown.

Every time I read on a news site that this or that new figure has been spotted at retail I so want to burst out laughing.


I do enjoy the new design, especially the Jughead Jones pic. I take some issue with the retarded child, not really so much because my family's been involved with group homes my entire life and I grew up around them but because it reminds me of that stupid "arguing on the internet/special olympics" macro from Fark. And stop reminding me that you have botcon Thundercracker.

Like the new look, and even though the completist in me begs for TC, I've always kind of thought that mold was too small anyway. . .

New site look is cool.

Quote for truth: "And stop reminding me that you have botcon Thundercracker."


Frowny: I used that picture of the child intentionally just to piss you off. I haven't found an appropriate picture of The Count from Sesame Street yet, which if what I really want there.


(15 minutes later)
1893 ROBOTS! AH! AH! AH!

You failed. I just don't like it.


ooo! i love the new look! the sidebars are great! (and thanks for the linky too... :D)

There is some minor new crack showing up in C-bus. I saw the movie styled Robot Heroes at LC Wal-Mart. Not exciting, but newish.

Nice layout. I dig.

for the About the Crack section, have you considered using a crackhead. there are quite a few good pics if you just search google image for crackhead. there are real crackies, as well as the Dave Chappelle version of a crackhead

CrAsian: there was a time when the design graphics were a woman shooting up heroin and I added Autobot symbols as tattoos on her arms. Maybe I could resurrect that.

ooooh, don't you think the Decepticon symbols would be more appropriate, or do you like the juxtaposition of good and evil?
btw, I do like this new layout, but gotta say that I do have a softspot for Shockwave...he was my first. but I think the one I had was like a toy gun that transformed and made noises (maybe a knockoff, but awesome nonetheless).

Your new home page looks great!

I went to TRU last night after work. The whole TF section is filled with protoforms as usual.

I also stopped at a Wal-Mart and a Target after lunch today. A few replicas and statues that don't transform. Target has a device on the wall for people to enter a 9-digit number from the price tab for availability and I used it to check 6" Titaniums and movie deluxes. Nothing in stock. Dry.

I know what you mean about the local stores being low on crack. The transfans raped the shit out of the aisles of my local Target and Toys 'R Us but I did manage to find a G1 redeco Starscream. I was pretty happy about that. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an average figure at best. I was just excited because I hardly ever find the rare figures.

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