Stunticon Army


Stunticon Army
Originally uploaded by revlimit
Revlimits custom Alternator Stunticons are just beautiful!

I would totally have found it acceptable if Hasbro had repainted the shit out of some of the others and retooled the heads to give us a set.

I mean, at least they were cars!!!

*cough* ravage *cough*


hey you should checkout some of the alternator re-shells at this site,

really impressive work

Yeah. Good stuff.

I think n10zguy bought a lot of his stuff. I know he wanted to at Botcon 06.

Agreed. There were SO many repaints they could have given us that would have been awesome. Breakdown, for example. The RX-8 is perfect. Seekers look pretty good in the Corvette mold. There's a ton of repaints right there!

Sure glad they did ROLLBAR. *vomit*

Thanks for the spotlight! I'm happy with my Stunticons.

Wasn't TFmaster the guy who died not that long ago? And yeah, those Stunticons are pretty. . .

Yeah. He died a few months after Lexington Botcon.

yeah , shame he passed away he did some amazing custom pieces, but his web site is going to merge with i think,

but the forum and gallery is still up, and they have tons of amazing work up being shown

Yeah... a huge shame. I was especially pissed on his behalf, because he contributed so much to the kitbashing and repainting community, and then at Botcon they glossed over his fully combining Alternator Stunticon team (!!!) in favour of that rediculous Devastator statue.

I think is still accepting donations on behalf of his wife and son, though I'm not sure.

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