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Dropkick's head looks a helluva lot like a standard infantry armor for soliders in the Army of the Southern Cross.


Good catch. I really didn't like Southern Cross.

He does look like them!!

And I enjoyed Southern Cross - not a great series, but an underrated one. Plot was only so-so, but the personal battle armour suit designs were cool IMHO!

Well, I might have liked it had it not been sandwiched in between Macross (my other great love of the 1980s) and Mospaeda.

ROBOTECH! What is this "Mack Ross" you speak of? ;-)

I just remember Robotech being the Gobots to Voltron's Transformers. If that makes sense....I was 6 at best.

Nala, are you going to do the C-bus toys show at the Vet. I haven't been in a few years and wonder if it's worth the $3 admission.

Nice blog btw.

We've set up as dealers the last 2 times but I'll probably only bring comics this time.

Transformers do not sell at this show. I don't think Will or I moved more than maybe 5 total figures. Just not worth the effort.

Giga's superhero stuff moves well though.

The April show wasn't remotely as fun as our first show we did back in September 2006.

Robotech (or Macros, Souther Cross, or Mospeada) is apples and oranges to Transformers. I would never directly compare them.

I meant to compare Robotech to Voltron. There was no liking both. Kind of like with Gobots and Transformers. Friendships were ruined by such divisiveness. But then again they are all just big fucking robots.

TMcC: I haven't bought the table-space yet for the September show, but probably will in the coming week.

According to someone else named Matt (who dropped out of the Air Force Academy) a lot of kids who watched Macross (or the Zentraedi portion of Robotech for Heavyarms) grew up wanting to be pilots. Several succeeded.

To this day I have yet to hear of a Voltron fan becoming a Robot Lion pilot, or even a zookeeper.

@TMcClurg: Dude, I think you have it backwards:

Voltron is the Gobots to Robotech's Transformers.


DL: Adult Tim totally agrees with you. ;)

i was into Robotech all because of the me a hapless romantic.hem.

I liked Robotech because I wanted to grow up and be a pop star who's singing could repel an alien invasion.

To be in love
Must be the sweetest feeling that a girl can feel
To be in love...
To live a dream
With somebody you care about like no one else.
A special man... A dearest man
Who needs to share his life with you alone.
Who'll hold you close and feel things
That only love brings
To know that he is all your own
While he blows shit up

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