Nala's Super Simple Retarded Review of Sectory 7 Skyblast

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Sector 7 Skyblast (secret energon weapon activated)

This iteration of Skyblast is everything I could ever want in a Transformer.

He's a perfect size, he's got two excellent modes, he's got a kickass color palette, and he's got a spear to beat the shit out of you with.

Sector 7 Skyblast

Now I've never been a fan of the clone/drone type functions that we've seen in TF games and most recently in the Omnicon/Terrorcon clones in the Energon series.

The figures are usually always top notch but they usually are cannon fodder or "extras" to fill the screen in the animated fiction.

Anyway, Skyblast has been transformed from a great figure into a totally titsup balls yummy thing of beauty!

His color palette centers around the basic black body (arms and legs) with white, greys, and tans accenting the vehicle parts of his body.

The black arms and legs contrast with the other colors giving him a the appearance of a soldier in armor. The addition of holding his spear makes him even more soldier-like.

Now I know the spear parts and energon are on the same sprue on the tool so of course, these will always be the same plastic color.

I'm happy that they chose to go with a translucent here instead of the solid plastic used in Sector 7 Signal Flare.

Sector 7 Skyblast (alt mode)

The colors all work well in his Cybertronian "space" jet mode too.

Sector 7 Skyblast (attack alt mode)

And I love the fact that his energon weapons can be broken into parts and attached to form an attack mode, even though the blaster cannon is a bit too big to be believable.

I know that Hasbro will never have done them like this but I wish all of the Sector 7 filler figures were done in this identical color palette to complete the whole soldier troop aspect. I think Arcee and Clocker would look excellent with this same deco.

Maybe someday in the future I'll snag some cheap ass $2 bin junkers of these guys and give it a shot kitbashing this "Sector 7 Soldiers" team.

All in all, Skyblast continues the high quality repaints in what would otherwise be a slightly overpriced and kind of pointless exclusive filler line.

Kudos to Hasbro for a job well done across the board here!

I give Sector 7 Skyblast a 10 out of 10.

He'll make you rock hard!

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Curse you for showing me this, sir! I just convinced myself that I can, in fact, live without purchasing any of the new movie toys, and you have to show me this! Shenanigans! SHENANIGANS!

Wait, Skyblast doesn't actually count as a movie toy, right?


But I'm counting all these Target exclusive non-movie basics as the Sector 7 subline to the movie. It is the only way I can keep track of this shit.

You can be content in knowing that this really isn't a movie figure.

nice review ... yep, I am definitely getting this repaint.

how'd you create the "energon spark glow" effect? photoshop?

Yeah. Photoshop lens flare. I don't know why I did it either. I was just trying to adjust some levels.


You're doing the right thing. I made the mistake of picking up Jazz recently, and I never thought I could be so utterly disappointed by a transformer based on his arms alone.

I never much cared for the Energon molds, but I might have to pick up this guy - I *heart* the colour-scheme. If only more figures could be like this guy.

It's a long shot in a short room, but maybe it would be worth mentioning to Hasbro at the next panel that a three-figure set with uniform colouring might be in order?

I mean, if you are gonna repaint these guys, why not do a group in the same scheme as a "unit" or something.

It really worked for the Energon Checkpoint and Prowl 2-pack.

Bahhh, no one likes Transformers when they have some sort of uniform appearance that ties them all together.

(See, Constructicons, Insecticons, Seekers, etc.)

Love this photo set. I went hunting for this guy yesterday and only newbie I spotted was the new "Arcee", although she really had the face of Brawl (Devastator)'s ugly kid sister. I'll check Target again next week.

I must find Movie Arcee!!!

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