Transformers Movie Starscream

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Transformers Movie  Starscream  (alt mode)

I'm just going to come out and say it...

I hate this figure.

Transformers Movie Starscream is the 1883rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie  Starscream (bot mode)

I really hate this Starscream.

I like how large he is but other than that I can't stand this thing.

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Not being a fan of the aesthetic, I'm being very selective with these movie toys. Unfortunately for chicken man here (my son's new name for him), he is nowhere close to making the cut. Oh well---that just means more money to spend on stuff from past lines I missed the first time around.

The chicken legs aren't anywhere as bad as some people make out.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his overly bulky alt. mode; the disconnection between his arms and his torso; or the unnecessary inclusion of no less than *six* spring-loaded missiles.

(As an aside; I assume it stems from haste or the lack of love for this figure, but I think Starscream's wings are supposed to fold down over his back. That'll make him look better... marginally.)

Yes he sucks, almost as much as Movie Megatron,

still, i don't think he is that bad and that you did not transform him right his wings are supposed to flip back

He's definitely not as bad as the large size clit stimulator that is Megatron.

And regarding the wings, I like them better this way. It brings a positive space above his arms/guns that I prefer.

He is not all bad is he? he look great but his legs err....... (:-/ he is top heavy i guess.....

I like the fighter jet mode. The upper torso of the robot appears to be too large, which makes the figure looks unstable with a tiny looking head. I saw one at a store, but I guess I can wait for the repaint with red and blue color.

I don't like this figure as much as all the other starscream mainly because i hate the arms and the hands, i would have preferred him actually holding the guns. He is to bulky up the top and the legs could have done better etc.
This is probably the worst made Voyager that has been made and the worst Starscream at that too.

Hey this is me again, i'm here to say there will be a leader class ss soon!

I actually quite like this figure, but I can understand why a lot of people dont. My only concern is his missile launchers, they sorta seperate him from the other movie line figures as there not based on the Starscream character at all.

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