TF Movie Dreadwing


TF Movie Dreadwing

There's just not a hell of a lot to say about this guy.

TF Movie Dreadwing is the the 1992nd Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Movie Dreadwing (bot mode)

I like Dreadwing's stomach detail.

I like Dreadwing's rocket flame missile detail.

TF Movie Dreadwing (alt mode) rear/top

TF Movie Dreadwing (alt mode) rear

TF Movie Dreadwing (alt mode)


Well, not a lot except "Ew."

I absolutely HATE this figure. Easily the worst of the movie line--bar none.

And no, I'm not forgetting about the craptastic duo of the Leader Megatron and Voyager Megatron, either.

I'm pretty sure you regret buying this one, but this fugly guy is still taking you one step closer to 2000, for better or worse.

He looks better in jet mode than Starscream, that's for sure.

I've bought about three of the movie TFs and in all cases I just didn't care.

Nice jet. I just can't get down with those dwarfed legs.

Robot mode is lame, but I like the jet alt mode. And at least they TRIED to make the transformation interesting & different ... with slight success for a resultant robot mode.

My 2 cents.

Always agree... he came out looking pretty awful, but kudos to Hasbro for doing something really, truly different with a jetformer. Just, you know, maybe next time they could work on the proportions a little?

What the hell? That's Dreadwing? I heard this guy was rare and that people were really looking for him. After seeing those pics I can't understand who would want him besides completists. I do agree that it'll help you get to your 2000 though.

Rare? He showed up three full weeks before the rest of Wave 2 out my way....I grabbed one, and almost took it back the next day. His jet mode is his only saving grace, and even then, only when you look at it from the top down.

i just got 1 at target. i chose it over dropkick and recon barricade. personnaly, i really like this figure. the part i dont like is the way the legs fold up in jet mode. someone, please explain the point of recon barricade to me. i mean, usually, hasbro makes crappy repaints and names them something different. now, they'rer addimitting it! it is still barricade! just a lousy new paintjob!

I think this is a pretty decent figure, it makes a change to the usual jet design and it has a decent head. The only problem is that its legs are too small for its body. Compared to other jet figures from the same range, like Sarscream and Divebomb, Dreadwing is a good figure in my opinion.

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