Alternator Hot Rod (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


Alternator Hot Rod (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

While my stuff from SDCC hasn't arrived, the package from HasbroToyShop has.

While I won't be transforming him any time soon, I can definitely say he looks boring compared to my KISS Play Hot Rod.

I just like the white stripes on the car instead of the more gimmicky flames. But at least he's different and not just a straight up Hasbro release of the Takara version.

And I'll never warm to the Rodimus or Rodimus Major name. He'll remain Hot Rod here in the Attic!

Alternator Hot Rod is the 1977th Transformer that I've acquired.


i have never liked the name rodimus, like ever! it is not a nice name at all...

He is a little plain, but he still looks cool. I know the flames on the hood is gimmicky, but I like 'em. Still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail ...

Yah the stripes also work *much* better when in robot form IMHO.

I love the flames! I think they work better than the stripes in both modes! hehe. Everyone's got an opinion.

I've got it in my head to make some arm pipes. Cause he NEEDS something, fishing pole or otherwise.

At least they kept the visor gimmick, right?

I actually liked "Rodimus" a LOT more than I thought I would. I think for a repaint/slight retool, hes pretty damn cool. He does need the fishing pole though. lol
Yeah I'm right with you about the "Rodimus" thing, he's Hot-Rod in my book.
I think I remember someone saying Hasbro didn't have the rights to the name "Hot-Rod" anymore or something like that and to call them all Rodimus. Lets face it, the Classics Rodimus especially, is Hot-Rod no matter what way you cut it.

I just got mine in the mail yesterday and as much as i hate the character hotrod but i love this alt version. though i wish i could'a picked up the "I'm a pedophile" version i liked the stripes better. here's funny a url of a hotrod

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