The crack that intentionally got away.


I was kind of shocked to find the new Real Gear redecos today.

That's quite a lot of new crack in the past few days and I'm close to approaching that dreaded 2000 mark.

There were actually quite a few toys I didn't buy.

I passed on the Leader Class Brawl which really looks like an expensive Big Lots knock-off to me.

I also passed on the other movie Robot Heroes figures and some of the Legends figures.

The completist in me is long dead when it comes to this new movie shit.

Hell, Ultimate Bumblebee was picked up and quickly put back on the shelf when I realized he's about as useful as that Beast Machines Supreme Cheetor figure. I don't see a lot of people dropping $79 for this thing.

Now Brawl may enter the house when clearance prices begin to appear.

Frankly, I'd be happy just to find Arcee, 2008 Bumblebee, and the other 2 that are out.

I do have some of the Cybertron Legends repaints on their way from Captured Prey though. And there's his awesomeness eHobby Translucent Mirage!

I wonder which'll end up 2000.


I'm rooting for number 2000 to end up as the eHobby Translucent Mirage. Anything else you mentioned just wouldn't do justice for a collecting sickness such as yours.
You should seriously do somethng cool to celebrate 2000 pieces of crack. I know I would.

Understand where you are coming from Nala. I will say though the leader class Brawl is a much better toy than the deluxe for a number of reasons. I think the movie line hit critical mass for me with all of the repaints we are going to see. I think I'm only going to bother with the the Target G1 Jazz since it is cool looking, perhaps Cliffjumper since I really like the concept camero, but I've yet to see BB in stores yet.

I ignored the deluxe and grabbed the Leader Brawl for one reason alone:

Tanks SHOULD NOT be smaller than pickup trucks.

I'm also of the opinion that Bonecrusher should've been Voyager or larger. Blackout should've been Ultra, if not Leader...isn't he supposed to be the biggest of the movie TFs?

I will say this--the fact that you have to pull back on the shaft to make the cannon fire on Leader Brawl is nothing short of obscene. And, y'know, hilarious.

Nala, i *may* be able to sort you out a 2008 Bumblebee as i've got one coming from Forbidden Planet and possibly another coming from a relation in the states...

Only problem is though that it won't be until the end of this month...

beyond real gear, I don't care for movie stuff...

i just got me some mini KO gestalts/.Menasor.Sixblast.Sixtrain and Leo Kaiser.

its like a WSTF gestalts.

do they have these things there/

i love me some KO's

oh its Trainbots.and Six Wing/

and a KO Bliztwing(always wanted ole Blitzy.he is awsomeness)

Yeah. We have a chain in the Cowlands called Big Lots that carries a ton of those Chinese KOs.

I have plans for a custom of the mini-Devestator but I never have got around to it.

Ultimate Bumblebee is actually a really cool figure. You can't really pose him and the articulation is practically non-existent but as far as display pieces go he has to be one of the most beautiful figures to come out in years. My only major gripe is that he's really not as "voice activated" as the box claims that he is. You basically just have to keep pushing his buttons to hear him speak and whatnot.

I actually did a pretty thorough review of him on a couple of my websites.

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