Real Gear Meantime


Real Gear Meantime (bot mode)

I couldn't believe my eyes! I actually found some new crack today!!!

Meijers, Wal-Mart, Target, and Andersons were as empty as they have been for 2 months and ToysRUs was too.

However, will at TRU, I looked at an end/side cap and found him!!!

Real Gear Meantime is the the 1984th Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Meantime (alt mode)


we got these in malaysia for quite some time.TRU is stocked up again with the Brawls and Chess sets.over here Bumblee is all the rage i wonder,never figured that out.esp.the Ultimate one.shit is goin for like 200 bills USD equivalent.the shipping for hasbro crack is weird cos some countries get them first.i think its because were near to china.hmm

You know, the watch face rotates.

And the feet are meant to fold back to give him heels.

Yeah. Actually, I don't like the way the feet look either way so I just took the pic like this to get it over with.

I don't really like this guy.

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