I iz ascared.


I iz ascared!

Will the winner be "South Dakotan Sings The Theme To Mighty Orbots"?

Or is it "Boring Ass 10 Minute Jack Daniels Fueled Doctor Who Rant At The Gay Robot Convention"?

Or maybe it'll be "18,000th video of son hitting baseball into father's nuts!"


I think the "Boring Ass 10 Minute Jack Daniels Fueled Doctor Who Rant At The Gay Robot Convention" just pips "South Dakotan Sings The Theme To Mighty Orbots" at the post...

Maybe it's because i can relate to the Doctor Who rant more than the Orbots theme (Of course, not having ever heard of Orbots might have also swayed my decision a little bit...)

You need to post more drunken rants...

While I occasionally have a pint or two, it is very very very very rare that I would drink enough to rant like that.

I save it for my once a year Botcon binge drinking.

Makes it more special and all.

Of course, that makes the people I meet at Botcon think I'm just a total drunk all the time.

Oh well.

I don't win every battle.

What in the hell are Orbots?

Ah, I see. That sounds like a horrible ripoff of Voltron.

Where/when did you get that Orbots figure and who made it? I never knew they made one and would love to get one myself.

glane: That's a video of Crazy Steve over at Please Save Me Robots. You'd have to ask him.

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