Glut of Wave 1. Few if any of Wave 2. Nothing changes.


Now I've pretty much given up on trying to figure out how Wal-Mart, WeBeToys, Target, and the like restock their crack.

The Targets I've frequented either are overfull with Wave 1 TF movie toys are are actually pretty much barren.

Now we don't do the geek toy run shit anymore like we used to. Last year's $3.00+ per gallon gas, and the general boredom of it all, pretty much killed my wasting a post German Village Kaffe Haus breakfast day. It still blows my mind the hours upon hours wasted in search of something new at any godsforsaken Cowtown store!

But have any of you in the Midwest, say 600 miles from Ohio, actually seen a 2008 Bumblebee, Dreadwing, Arcee or the new Real Gear figures?

The online version of the stores don't even list the stuff yet and they rarely seem to ever update after an initial Hasbro blitz for Wave 1 stuff in any line.

Wave 2 of the Sector 7 stuff seems to have dried up too. All I've seen are a glut of the Wave 1 stuff. The Armorhide repaint, Elita-1, and Air Raid still seem to be no shows.

Maybe it is just me but I would think Hasbro, and the major retailers, would have wanted to position waves and quantities better this time around, especially since peak toy sales to the true market (the kids) has got to be tied to the first few weeks of the movie.


I've found a single Dreadwing in Cleveland. But that's it. No Bumblebee, no Arcee, no new Real Gears, and no new Target Basics.

That's weird. I guess it just depends where you live. Here in Sydney Australia (Yeah I know I'm on the other side of the world), I found '08 Bumblebee, Purple Arcee & Dreadwing in a K Mart about a week & a half ago and I found The Real Gear Watch & Game Controller/Gorilla yesterday in another K Mart. If you want me to look for you, I'm sure I'll be able to find these figures again & I'll ship them to you. It's no big deal for me.

& Damn that Real Gear Game Controller/Gorilla is so bloody small compared to the other Real Gear guys. The pics we saw a couple of months ago made him look like those Maccas burgers you see in ads but in person he's more like the Maccas burgers you see in the stores.

Here in the upper midwaste... err midwest of North Dakota the eisles are empty aside from one walmart choked with Bonecrushers and Swindles. One walmart put some classics back out and those sold out over the weekend. The demand for the deluxe class of toy is huge right now and a really bad time to be out of stock.

I've seen one dreadwing in a target but the rest of the case was gone as it hit since I was there the day before so likely was snagged up by a collector.

I still need to pick up a Starscream for the movie line and haven't seen any yet so I hope he'll show up in later case assortments. I do need to get going on the real gears they have been around for a while yet. Too much crack at once :P

Pulse: Maccas burgers? Your Ahhhs-trahl-yin ang-lash is mysterious and confusing to me.

It has been ridiculous around where I live in Florida. Wave 2 in my area came around once 2 weeks ago where I only saw two of the butt-ass ugly Dreadwings, no Arcees, and ONE 08 Bumblebee, of which I of course purchased immediately. I don't get it at all. Hasbro better step up their shipments before the geeks get restless and start buying from scalpers...which I personally refuse to do.

Maccas burgers = McDonalds. Duh :)

Hey, I don't make fun of your Cowtown accent. The only time I can recall someone telling me that they couldn't understand what I was saying was when I was in Auckland, NZ & they reckoned that I should slow down when I talked cos they couldn't comprehend a single word I was saying.

Friggin Kiwis...

Yeah, distribution is a crap art these days. Anyway Decatur IL is where I found mine (they are all gone now). I'd say it's close to being less than 600 miles. It's an 8 hour drive to my grandparent's in Lexington an hour north of Columbus so at 65mph times 7 hours, that's maybe 4500 miles +/-.

There are too many over pushed toylines, especially when it comes to movies. Look at all of the Spiderman crap clogging the shelves everywhere. At least Fantastic Four wasn't over shipped though it's still just sitting there. Cars is pretty heavy still but I think it actually sells really well and gets restocked regularly. At least in this area.

Now now. My previous studies in primate anthropology has exposed me to macaques , which of course are from the Genus Macaca so I was destined to read that as "Monkey Burgers". :-)

Actually, I don't have a Cowtown accent, but I do have an accent specific to Southern Michigan (Detroit)/Northwest Ohio. Cowtown accents surprisingly tend to be a bit more US Kentucky influence. A lot of people who were born in and have never left Columbus probably don't realize it. Growing up just 180 miles away is enough to notice the local variation in dialect.

Thanks to Australians, I learned many new uses for ping pong balls!

Someday I hope to visit Australia. Maybe we can do a toy run! :-)

RJ: I kind of regret not buying the Cars cars. They would look good on my office shelves.

Nala: Definitely Mate. I'll show you where all the "Mum & Pop" Stores are (as Kramer would put it) & then we'll light up all my TFs in one huge bonfire. WooHoo!

Actually, I'd love to come to the US one time for a trip too. I'd make sure that I'd tie it in with Botcon while also sitting in the audience of a Jerry Springer show. Following this, the titty bars would make up the rest of my sightseeing tour.

Ping Pong Balls?

oh hasbro. the missed the boat on this, BIG TIME. however, having known some people who have tried to work there and left, it really doesn't surprise me at all...they need a whole new marketing team i think.

my major complaint, other than them running out of merchandise, is why weren't the classics better marketed? and where are the classics versions of jazz, ratchet, ironhide, & hound?? they make mirage instead??

they really need a clue over there...

I'm in southern cali and all the stores have little to no stock of TFs as well. Shelves are pretty empty with only Real Gear stuff wave 1. I haven't seen a Deluxe in over a month.

Haven't seen Deluxe wave 3 at all .... I needs me a 08 Concept Bumblebee!!!

Here's another funny bit of info that is circling so take it with a grain of salt but some stores are saying that the line was discontinued and the reset is moving that merchandise from the shelves.

I highly doubt that since we are still seeing line previews at conventions. But sounds like Target is doing an aisle reset the week of the 5th and I confirmed it at my local target so we may see some life come back to the shelves.

I need to get my hands on the last three Target basics. For a little filler pointless exclusive they are some really nice repaints.

Mirage was the best Classics figure, hands down. I was more disappointed to see Grimlock. Jazz and Ratchet are probably condemned to those movie repaints, much like Cybertron Smokescreen and Downshift/Wheeljack. And with botcon Ironhide I doubt we'll see another. Between him and the rest of the seekers, it's kind of a piss-off.

Nothing up here in the Nor Mich area either it blows up here all the shelves are bare. anyone have a link for that Elita-1 S7

man i saw an elita-1 like a month ago in a VA target, and im punching myself in the nads because i didn't pick it up. ive seen everything, even picked up 2 08 bumblebees at a target, which made up for me missing out on the rodimus alternator on hts.

I just saw a reset in our local Target. They added some 6" Titaniums, the movie Titaniums, the knock-off Revoltechs (I can't remember what they're called) and consolidated space on some of the other TF items.

There was a HUGE new display of something blue-carded (non-TF) which I ignored.

Blue carded? Probably the first wave of Legendary Comic Book Heroes...Witchblade, Savage Dragon, Judge Dredd...pretty awesome as far as non-transforming crack goes.

Up here in Toronto, 300miles from Ohio, all Bumblebees are in highly scarce mode...scoured the city today on a killer scalper rampage, and found just 3 of them, and we had to sweet talk TRU peeps to get of the city, with 120+ departmernt and toy stores is bone dry..wild.

I've read on that they had to go with the takara stuf for the '08 concept bumbble bee becouse they could'nt get enouf from hasbro

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