So. Imelda. What about the shoes?


My biggest regret from Botcon was not purchasing the TakaraTomy (I still can't get used to that) Nike Sports Label Convoy and Megatron from Fumihiko for $100.

Yeah. They're pretty silly.

And yes, TakaraTomy looks to be doing the insane redeco thing with the Convoy one. We've seen the now generic "white repaint" as Ultra Magnus and now there's this "marine color repaint" that has popped. Oh. And the possible, though unconfirmed, Starscream.

I dont' know why but I find myself drawn to their silliness.

My only complaint is that they all are designed as left feet. I think it would have been a bit sillier to pair Convoy and Megatron as a set. And if they did more, the Autobots are always left feet and the Decepticons are always right feet.

I still may get them.

I doubt I'll ever find them for the price I could have paid at Botcon though.


The feet with shoes in robot mode always make me smile on those.

I'm wondering when they will make an BotCon exclusive bondage Blackarachnia that transforms into a shiny, vinyl, thigh high boot with a zipper.

I would so be all over that Black Arachnia!

The shoeformers have been growing on me and I may actually pickup the Marine colour convoy if I can find one at a decent price.

For some reason, the shoes just don't appeal to me. What am I missing?

The same thing I am, I guess. Aren't you worried the hoont will start chewing on it?

He's never chewed a shoe in all of his 9 years. In fact, other than a minor incident when he was a puppy, I can't remember him really going after too much other than his own toys.

I have the Prime and Megatron shoe. They were the first transformers I have ever bought, and now have since got most of the alternators binaltechs that I wanted (as you might imagine at somewhat inflated prices). Before that, transformers toys were a memory to me. Damn the quarky shoe transformers. They started it all.

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