Protoform Starscream with claw hands

So I noticed Pairadocs posted some new photos of his custom stuff at my usual Flickr haunts and damn, once again a customizer/kitbasher makes a mediocre Hasbro released figure look fantastic!

The 2 Movie protoform figures just seems so "last minute" and felt like shelf-fillers.

Hell... in Cowtown here Starscream is literally a shelf filler to this very day in some stores.

I love the articulated hand claws and the custom paint job, which is thankfully not a G1 homage, is a more realistic version of the movie's deco.


I hate the fact that these guys, and even TakaraTomy now with the "fusion" translucent versions, actually make me like these guys!

I so may need to start bidding on his customs!!!


well, thanks a lot! with yesterday's post and now this one i am left drooling over these amazing customs. i wish i could send mine to these guys to fix up! they are so awesome!!! perhaps i will bidding against you ;D !

Amazing what a good paint job can do isn't it?

With the lack of any new crack, I may breakdown and actually buy one of these spermbots - if I see it in the stores.

DL: Don't do it, man! It'd just be a placebo purchase. Don't give in.

I have Spermtimus Prime, it's not worth it. They're great FIGURES...they're poseable as all git out...but that alt mode. It's just an ice cream cone.

Yeah. These customs "make" the figures look great. The figures in and of themselves are mediocre at best.

The lack of new crack has me wanting a fix ...

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