We shall make you a believer!


In this post the other day youngarrif commented, in regards to lame TFs...

what about cerebros?

hes um a walking head.

Cerebros? Lame?

Oh... oh... oh say it ain't so youngarrif.

We shall show you the error of your ways.

Two words to describe Cerebros:


And nobody but nobody hangs out on his own bridge in head mode like Cerebros does.

Well... 'cept his brother Grand maybe.


what does he do at the bridge?

doesnt he argue with spike whenever he gets to Fort Max mode?

what happens to fort max if cerebros gets snuffed?

alas,i do have a mini KO Fortmax(about 5 inches) chillin on my table.

he;s cooler _i say ->http://www.nippofan-magazine.it/nippofan/toys/immagini/MAX-F-Gaogaigar-8.JPG

my bad for posting non TF mechs up in here cloggin your server

but its masterpiece voltron.]:*


youngariff, how is the quality of the mini fortmax? I keep going back and forth almost buying him, but I fear the quality will be so bad I will regret it.

hes strudy.the plastic is nice it isnt brittle.all screwed tightly in place.and the details are uncanny.

its a good buy.

youngariff, I have checked out your homepage. Do you guys have an EP or something? A download of Amplify available? It's all sorts of crazy ass awesome.

/sort for the threadjack

we are coming out with our debut and will drop Sept lord willing.

i do have the track with me in mp3.
pass me your msn addy and ill forward it to you.

nala san.
my bad for cloggin up the comments like this.

Well, let's be fair. Fortress is a separate character who isn't reliant on Spike to be his head. He merely needs to calibrate the energies in his AMAZING BRAIN!!!!!

So, that's a plus how much to my lameness score?

its kelmeister1013 (*at*) gmail (*dot*) com.

Thanks much. I'll be keeping an eye out for the record.

so where does spike hang out?

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