Optimus Prime Movie Pose


Optimus Prime Movie Pose
Originally uploaded by ELTMAN
I really love this post Eltman managed to get out of a Masterpiece THS -01 Prime.

I think having the toys all packed up or away in storage has got me thinking of a ton of photos I want to take above and beyond my usual generic reference ones.

But it'll be awhile for me to have those out again.


Not masterpiece, but still a cool pose.

Yeah, THS-02 is a wee bit more posable than MP-01.

Gotta say that THS-02 is probably my favourite Prime next to 20th Anniv Prime due to his articulation and total trailer coolness...

Shame that THS-01 is so bloody expensive...

Definitely a cool pic of OP!

Ah... this is totally one of my favorite Prime shots on flickr. It prompted me to get hybrid Prime. When he arrived I was like WTFBBQ?!?!??? Because he looks HUGE in this photo. I had no clue he was smaller than a Revoltech.

His size in no way diminishes my love for him.

I've been looking at getting this figure what do you guys think is a good price? Most online retailers seem to be asking an arm and a leg for him.

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