Classics Devestator (Wal-Mart Exclusive)


Classics Constructicon Devestator (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

I never had any real intention to get this. I already have the original Energon releases of the molds and I also have the Takara Buildron exclusive giftset which I've tried to get rid of.

I'm just no fan of the central part or the combined form.

However, SpectroScott found me one for about 50% off so I figured what the hell, I'll add it to the collection.

Classics Devestator (Scavenger, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, and Hightower) are the 1979th through 1983rd Transformers that I've acquired.



as i was just holding this a few minutes before i saw your update.boxed it back tryna get rid of it as well.scavengers arm was already broken when i got it.but i think some super glue might do it good.just how would i explain it to someone who wants to buy it just that.

I got this since I didn't collect during the Energon series. I like these colors better but my biggest complaint is he's hard to pose in an action shot without his legs comming off.

My walmart doesn't get exclusives in and this was before site to store so I had to get the item code in Walmart's system, track down the toy manager and say I want one of these. She ordered a case I bought two one for myself one for my son and they were placed on the shelf and sold within two days.

well the arms are well articulted once you pull it out.using both tractors for them instead of the crane for one arm.

sadly I own 9 of these sets (I hit several wal-marts that had clearance sales of these for $10 each). Im still debating whether I want to save and sell later (they are doing well on ebay), or customize into new characters.

Never really been convinced with the Energon Combiners mainly because of the using the same figure for a leg and an arm...

But if i can get them cheap enough i might pick him and Bruticus Maximus up for novelty value...

Oh and liking the new front page...

n10z: you could have an army of cranes.

I wouldn't mind finding this guy just so my daughter can round out her cast of characters from TF:TM... actually, I would wanna find two, so you could have a fully green version.

Gah! My company seriously needs to get its shit together already and start paying me properly again. :)

I passed on this guy, since I already had the original Energon molds. Kind of a lame repaint IMHO.

Nala actually helped me complete Constructicon Maximus in the early days of my pointless commentary, so at least that version of this mold has some sentimental value. It's not really a good toy in either respect. So, pass.

I did?

Shows you what I remember.

The yellow one. . . Bonecrusher, I think. The names of the limbs really don't matter.

I got these for my son and me, and did contemplate getting 2 sets for me so I could do the all green thing but just couldn't justify it to myself. I must have had 5 or 6 discounted sets in my hand and just kept putting them back. I have plans for a 1/50 scale 6 vehicle kitbash someday and have all of the vehicles, but haven't started yet. . .so for now, the originals and this will have to do, although I have to say, I do love the steamhammer/scavenger mold, in spite of its dinkiness.

on the other hand, the limbs are limp imho. FM is totally right that the names of them just doesn't matter. By the way, to what other company did Hasbro lose the name Hook? I just can't get behind Hightower---way too Police Academy-

I passed on this (already have the Energon set, don't collect duplicates) but yeah I'd get all I could if I found them for $10 each.

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