The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

Posted on July 31, 2007 2:04 PM | Permalink's The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

Some highlights?

#4 Computron

Five unpredictable, badass robots combine to form Computron, whose motto is, we shit you not, “Thorough data analysis is essential for the synthesis of successful strategy.” Right off the bat, we're disappointed in a Transformer who has a motto that isn't “I'm a giant robot who fucking loves fighting other giant robots.”

#2 Perceptor

Perceptor was designed with the sole purpose of going into battle and hanging out with Soundwave to figure out which one was more useless and outdated.

#1 Repugnus

It's still not really clear what Repugnus turns into. Some scholars claim that his secondary form is a metal crab, while still others maintain that he is just a “Monsterbot.” A third school of thought, however, suggests that Repugnus transforms from robot to “Fucking Pointless” in record time.

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Forget the list, is that video on the Wheelie entry for real? What the fuck? Transformers drinking and doing Karaoke?

Also, I thought Nightbeat was a girl...

Aren't you forgetting the biggest transformer of all time?


p.s why is the comment script called mt-buttplug.cgi? Multithreaded butt plugs?

Well Perceptor has a tank mode we need to remember (even if he never bothers to go into it)


Yup. That's Headmasters for ya.

Nightbeat in the US is male, the Japanese version is Minerva who is female.

Ben: Oh. The comment script name has changed many times. It was originally to confuse spam bots and such. Then, when the vermin figured that out, they started looking at other patterns to figure out the script.

My current anti-spam measures work well and the last renamed script was buttplug or whatever it was. If I recall right, when I was doing a site reconfig some comedy routines/prank calls came up in iTunes and oen of them was this guy calling a K-Mart asking for "buttplugs" and of course, they kept thinking he said sparkplugs or something.

Anyway, a lot of what I name things, including some of the random post titles and tags, just come from whatever happens to be playing on Sirius radio or on iTunes the moment I'm working on something.

I actually like the Technobots, they are my fav G1 combiner team. 5 different molds that look decent and so does Computron. Screw you CRACKED ...

Well the technobots were cool looking as well as Computron but he was spot on accurate about how dull his personality was. But then all the combiners had a dull personality really.

I was shocked at his assessment of Soundwave, all the things that he described as stupid were the reason that Soundwave was cool in the eyes of many.

Loyal decepticon to Megatron and would root out desention in the ranks. Only time you ever heard him speak up for decepticon leadership is when Megatron is already out of the airlock.

I'm sure the whole thing was just to get a rise out of people.

Maldroth: The whole thing is just a goof. I seriously doubt the person who wrote it cared.

I thought it was just stupidly funny.

Say what you will, Headmasters is better than both Season 3 and Rebirth. If just for Blaster who was Billy who is Blaster and "New" Soundwave. Like "New" Coke, except he was better.

PERCEPTOR RULED! Err...I mean, a cursory evaluation of the Generation 1 character referred to by the moniker "Perceptor" indicates that said individual possessed certain characteristics that I found appealing in my adolescent years.


The sheer nerdiness of that list astonishes me. Never mind the reasoning. The writer remembers Repugnus and Computron? Astonishing.

That's Universe Repugnus, too. :)

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I didn't want to bring up the fact that that was the Universe repaint.

It would have added +4 to my loserness. :-)

what about cerebros?

hes um a walking head.

for me the best would be Tracks.duke can fly.i wish i had him

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