It is done.


After 2 years, a lot of work, a few false starts, and major frustration here and there, the House of Love III is finally on the market.

It is done.

For some reason I'm scared shitless.


With the way things are these days it is probably quite hard to sell a house. Hopefully you will be able to get a good price, good luck!

i would be scared too...but then i feel like i will never even be able to buy a house in my life. so part of me envies you! :D will you buy another one?

p.s. what happened to the redesign?

Ben: My realtor listed it a bit higher than I expected. But I have to trust that she knows what she's doing. If I manage to get what she's listed it as I'll be able to upgrade neighborhoods easily.

teresa: Yeah. Already looking. Have a few I want to look at already.

The redesign was temporary. I've got more important things to work on right now.

Hopefully your new digs will have an attic of love.

I can't even begin to imagine the stress involved with owning and selling your house what with living in rented accommodation so the best of luck man and i hope it all works out for you...

And from my time on this site i get the feeling there'll always be an attic of love. Be it a cellar of love or a room of love it'll always be a something of love...

Ditto Bruticus, I live in a rented property and can only imagine what heart attacks lie in store when I finally own a house!

But best of luck Nala, and let's hope the recent market downturn doesn't affect you too much.


So where am I supposed to go now to get my exciting plaster pictures?

I'll say this... there's a certain beauty in the emptiness of the attic room.

Perhaps I should just keep it as the Twenty 18 Gallon Plastic Bins and Twenty Boxes of Love.

I recently completed a sale/move, with a massive TF collection, in Ohio. So I know what you're in for.

Our realtor also "aimed high". If you aren't getting offers they will suggest priced reductions in $5k increments every month or so. See how much traffic you get--it only takes one person to fall in love with your house. It'll happen.

The market isn't that bad, you just have to be realistic. We put a new roof on, did lots of improvements, and still only got slightly more than we paid three years earlier. Sadly you aren't likely to turn a big profit on Ohio real estate right now--even with all your hard work. We were glad to break even and be done with it.

Then there's the toy collection. I have 40+ rubbermaid tubs. Plus boxes. Only 1,000 Transformers but also pretty much every Star Wars toy ever, a near complete MOTU collection, and tons of other stuff. I did 30 ebay auctions pre-move and still only scratched the surface. I've now unpacked about 6 tubs worth, with the rest still monopolizing the garage. The movers were amused/distraught.

Once you move that stuff your love/hate relationship is def gonna veer towards hate for a while. You don't realize what a yoke a bog collection is until you have to carry it up and down stairs.

Good Luck! Your house has very nice curb appeal, you'll do fine.

Best of luck with the home sale dude!

Congrats on finally getting to the end! Let me know when you need a hand with moving all the crack and other stuff. I think as a sendoff I'll start saving up all my empty bottles, to deposit in the neighbor's yard when you leave for the last time.

"Hopefully your new digs will have an attic of love."

Screw that. New house=Living Room of Love! It's a law. And also the reason why my wife won't consider buying a new house.

Heavyarms: Actually, I have to have a separate room away from the more "public" rooms of the house.

I would never let me collection encroach into these rooms.

It is my own baggage and I don't inflict it on any of my visitors.

Well... unless I dare them to enter...

Hmmm, that front door wouldn't last long round here, even though I'm in a "nice" part of Canterbury...



I invite any Wife of Bath to challenge my storm door!

So long as there's no talk of Hogges Tordes.

Storm Door!? Hmmm...

Nothing to a Chav!

On another note, my mate may be visiting the Cow Lands in October when the Canucks hit the town. Any good pubs/restaurants you could recommend?



Beautiful old house, chief. Looks like what I want mine to look like, except mine still has old cedar shingles (stained, not ugly-weathered, because that's what they did back in the days when the bots were bots and the turbosheep were scairt).

Love those old houses.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

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