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In lieu of new TransformersSo you may remember that yesterday I hit 2 Targets and found no new toys.

Today, after hitting 2 Targets, 1 Meijer, 1 Wal-Mart, and 2 ToysRus... and finding absolutely no new waves of Transformers, I bought a new desk chair, 500GB of extra storage, and 3 DVDs of Doctor Who instead.

So I've got The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis, and Castrovalva to look forward to watching. I've seen none of them before.

And I can start backing up Kama so I can reformat it and do a refresh of XP on it. Been far too long.

It is shocking how dry the crack is here in Cowtown.


i went to 3 targets, and found nothing worth buying, and nothing new. i did find rodimus in titanium, so i got him....but that was it. there is a lack of 'crack' in southern new england too...

It's not only you dude. I've been to all the wal-marts, targets, and TRUs within a 2+ hour drive around here (am close to Tyler, TX). That includes Dallas, Rockwall, Greenville, Tyler, Canton, Athens, etc etc etc. If they have ANY new TFs at all, it's still wave 1. 90% of the stores I went to are bone dry, except for Real Gear figures (I've managed to find High Score an Meantime). That was at 1 Wal-Mart however. The one I went to today had the RealGear 2-packs. And that was ALL for TFs; not even the bigger figures are anywhere to be found. Well, I lie, I saw leader megs once, and the very next day I went and they were all gone. This happens with EVERY TF wave since Armada though, from what I've seen. They'll restock everything within a month and keep that wave stocked til this time next year. Sucktastic.

I have 4 Targets all within 30 mil radius of each other... I hit all 4 (well by phone). Been calling them everyday for the last month trying to find wave 2 of the target exclusives. No luck... I finally broke down and bought them off ebay today. Got them for the same price Id pay here with tax and gas money driving. Still havent seen any RG 2 packs. But I just got the Optimus Prime Turnaround statue and the Robot replicas wave 1 at a Walmart in Kentucky.

We are bone dry here. The Target reset happened and nothing. There is a rumor that Target isn't getting any new Deluxe shippments until October, I'm starting to believe that.

Logopolis is one of my favorite Dr Who's from when I was a kid. Used to stay up late on Saturday nights with my dad and watch them on PBS. Definately good to watch hope you like it Nala.

Bone Dry in Northern Michigan i've been trying to find a sector 7 Arcee and Clocker and there's none to be found

Lots of bare pegs in Baltimore---took my leader Prime back to TRU because his sound didn't work (I've been plagued by qc issues ever since MOTU Attack Trak way back when), and now I can't replace him because they don't have anything there or anywhere that I can find. I know, I should have kept him, because "who cares about the light show anyway?", but for 40 bucks, I wanted him to work. . .

superconductor: For $40 you better get a working one!

The Target holiday reset is suppose to be today, I'm heading out this afternoon to look around.

Found nothing ... no new TF stock at all!!

Crack has dried up here in Sunny hell know as Tampa, Florida . Nothing new no TF no SW nothing . Just same old stuff .

I'm going to wal mart & target tomorow. Will post if I find enything

I've read on bigbadtoystore.com that they had to go with the takara stuf for the '08 concept bumbble bee becouse they could'nt get enouf from hasbro

The Target that I visit has Ultimate Bumblebee for $79.99. Two of them.

Almost $87 after taxes...but I couldn't resist. I picked up one tonight.

No new deluxes though.

1 Target, 3 Wal-Marts, 1 TRU in Baton Rouge, nothing new. 2 weeks ago, TRU was FULL of movie toys, BW Megs/OP 2-packs (7 or 8), Heroes, even 3 of the Classics Megs/OP 2-packs. I went there Saturday and it was ALL gone. Just a bunch of protoform figures and Bumblebee/Soundwave Heroes packs. Either scalpers cleaned them out, or worse, they had a sale and I missed it.

I even checked out a Wal-Mart when I went to Maui, they were dry, too (I guess that shouldn't be too surprising, though.)

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