I think it is more like Transmetal 3 Cheetor.


Of course, to the general population, "Cheetor... Maximize!" would be a little less known.


God, thanks for making me feel EIGHTY.

Beast Wars is still my favorite series....

As far as pop culture references go, the general population don't know jack...I's a teacha, I should know---I make it one of my missions in life to educate them in what they need to know other than what I actually teach. Also, hopefully my own feline prime won't be ready for the chair anytime soon, in spite of his upcoming halloween 10th birthday.

Reminds me more of BM Rattrap.

Man ... love the caption, oh and i know its old but that was one hella funny rant about Dr.Who .. kudos!

Soundwave pwns Shockwave =p

Cheezburger pretty much always makes me cbol...

Well, if that Robot Chicken sketch is to be believed, it's Shockwave who'll be doing the pwning. Or rather owning, which has the added benefit of actually being a word.

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