Repaint Shit I'd Buy!


So my last post got me thinking...

What repaints would I actually buy?

Unfortunately, quite a few actually.

Remember the recent almost-military deco of Skyblast? I would actually pay a good price for all those basics done in a consistent "squad" color palette. I'd probably drop $12 a figure on them too.

I'd buy a Cybertron Evac done up in G1 Whirl colors. Hell... even G1 Springer colors too.

A bunch of Energon stars in different translucent colors? I'd buy that so that all the figures could have at least one.

A minicon booster redeco set of the minicons that came in-package only with Armada figures? I'd buy that. I'd pay a lot for that to compensate for the fact that I don't want the mainline Armada figures again.

6" Titanium RID Prime repainted with the Black Fire Convoy color scheme? Duh! I'd be all over that!

And yes, I'd even drop down $20 on a properly done Classics translucent Ghost of Starscream. Even a lame Sunstorm would end up in the collection.

Classics Astrotrain done up in purple and grey? Hell yeah!

Classics Ramjet done up in cheezy yellow/orange/white as Sunstorm's even lamer "brother" Sunstroke? Damn right I'd hit that!

Cybertron Metroplex done up in "forgettable G1 character" Metrotitan colors? Gimme!

Yeah. I'm a sucker for a repaint that I consider done right!

Then again, isn't that just part of the addiction?


i did a little weathering on my skyblast.he grew on me nice desert camo.but i didnt know they had him released as a built to rule lego thingy.was he always this mold?

i prefer astrotrain in all white like intended diaclone.i didnt get the classics.i got the reissue cos i never got him.

i have that lanky would be nice tho to have that metrotitan repaint.exactly what i had in mind.and he needs more guns.pack him fat with missle pods and anti aircraft,

but i still love mirage the most.hes the only one and the first G1 mech i ever got.

I still prefer slight retools. Like G1 Soundblaster, or that Alpha Trion done out of Vector Prime, or Alt Swindle. I dunno, I just prefer the notion I'm not buying the exact same figure in a different palette because I refused to learn how to paint.

Hasbro doesn't often invest in retools, so I was thinking mostly of what exists that I like or wouldn't mind.

I really want a squad of like colored soldiers. The more I think about it the more I really want it. And I'm not talking identical bots either a la the Omnicons and Terrocons in Energon.

So, you want the opposite of what Hasbro's done to guys like Obsidian. . .

Nala: I understand - the urban camo Ruination team are behind me as I type this. It's a shame that with all the recent emphasis on armies of characterless 'drone' enemies, that none of them share a uniform colourscheme.

I gotta agree with Frowny though - I realise that even the slightest retool can cost some serious moolah, but like all problems, it is one that can be avoided with forethought.

Point in question - doing a Classic's Bumblebee? Then he's going to inevitably end up repainted as Classic's Cliffjumper. Why not prepare an alternate sprue for the head and jet-ski and just cast them seperately to begin with? Gaaaah...

It's like you said Nala, Hasbro just aren't shooting for the collector. I understand why, but it's still a shame...

Looking at his post again, I think youngariff is looking for Grandus.

On a completely unrelated note, he was pretty much a rip-off, but listening to Ween and MF Doom through a Soundwave figure that can actually play music is pretty effing sweet. Like finally getting a Fort Max, it's an "In your face, me as a kid!" moment.

I think the only time I really get annoyed with a repaint is when its done in the same series and with the same character. Look at Armada with the Powerlinx colors. When I was sorta getting back into TF collecting the repaints of that line turned me off. The Energon and Cybertron stuff didn't bug me as much since they were different characters. Look at Red Alert and Cannonball in Cybertron for instance.

Now they are doing that again with the Movie line we are starting to see Nightvision Prime, Allspark Brawl. The G1 decos are kinda neat but I doubt I'll be spending on them since there is plenty of other stuff to waste my collector dollar on such as the Music Label Soundwave, and finally getting a Masterpiece Megatron, and the upcoming US release of Masterpiece Starscream.

I get what your saying Nala and I do like a theme redeco. Probably be a more creative use of repaint we'll ever see, question is would Hasbro, or even FunPub be willing to try it with a set of figures.

I would basically like to see more recolors of existing molds into classic characters. All the homages in recent lines (not even counting Classics) have been absolutely great IMO. For example I wasn't worried about BC Springer because I have Bulkhead.

Some I would like to see...

A whole line of G1 minibot recolors... Cy Swindle/Hardtop as Beachcomber. Armorhide as... oh wait too late. Overhaul/Brushguard as a closer Brawn and Outback. etc.

En Sharkticon as a bunch of Sweeps redecos and Cy Sideways as Cyclonus. (Not saying it's all that close, but I adore both of these molds.)

Repaints can be interesting if done right.

Like movie leader class prime as g1 prime. Would be sexy.

Repaints can be interesting if done right.

Like movie leader class prime as g1 prime. Would be sexy.

they are doing it with the First Strike OP to the Movie Prime.

My favorite "themed repaint" set is that K-Mart SWAT set. They look good togethery, the Powerlinx gimmick is cool, it's all good. I would definitely buy more deluxes done in that vein.

On the other hand, you couldn't pay me to get basics repainted as Classics dudes. They'd be smaller than Bumblebee, and that simply will not do.

Also, fuck repainting anything in Constructicon colors. It's played the fuck out. That being said, I'd stab every reader of this blog to death to get Cybertron Menasor repainted as Omega Supreme.


Come to think of it, I don't care the color scheme, I just wish they'd repaint JRX so I could have two. That mold deserves a repeat, considering some of the more shiteaceous ones that came from Universe. . .

I don't have that great an imagination, so I can't really think up what toys would look good repainted as another character.

That said, I would love to see Energon Omega Supreme repainted in G1 colors.

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