Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco)


Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (bot mode)

Wow! This G1 homage deco really makes what I thought was a rather lackluster toy pop!

That's what my main complaint about the movie toys has really been: boring realistic color palettes!

Now of course, I'm all for that in figures like the Alternators and Binaltechs, but for these smaller hand held mainstream toys, the reduced colors just have been kind of dull.

But Jazz here, he's all special again!

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) is the the 1987th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (bot mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (bot mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (bot mode)

What's funny is it looks like they got a full case of all Jazz too. There must have been 8 left on the shelf.

Same with the G1ish Starscream.


It's amazing how a different paint scheme can make a figure look a whole lot better...

Now if only they sorted out the arms...

Man, He looks just plain awesome!

(There's even a place to hide ping pong balls...)

My Target was the same; they had a ton of these, but no other deluxes. But this renewed my faith in my area's distribution, and I finally found 08 Bumblebee, Payload, and Longarm a week later.

I actually really like the way the standard Deluxe Jazz looks but I do agree this toy looks fuckin' sweet. I was on this fence about getting this guy initially but now I know I need to acquire this sweet piece of crack!!!

I was indifferent about this one, but now I think I'm going to have to get it.

I really need this. . . it's the closest I'll be getting to Classics Jazz. . .

I have to admit that when I first heard about this one coming out I thought it was a complete waste of plastic. My opinion has now totally changed. He's awesome! Too bad there's no new crack anywhere in my area at the moment. I'll buy him when I see him.

Maybe reprolabels will come out with a few new labels to make him a complete G1 homage. But he's very close now and in this case-that's a very good thing.

I think I read that they fixed whatever was wrong with this 'bots arms that was plagueing the first batch of Jazzes. Sweeter then sweet woulda been getting Final Battle Jazz with his nice weapon done up in G1 colors but I'm down with this now based on the pics you posted.

I'm glad I passed on movie version Jazz for this nice repaint. I'm definitely getting him. He is classics jazz.

@Mr. Benjamin Grimm - Lucky dude. I've only found Arcee & Dreadwing at retail. Haven't seen anything else ...


I like it. This is the Jazz that pops out and says "Shazam". Or something like that.

Now I need to find one.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.






his design take on the patlabors makes him the don gorgon.

getting another one.

or more.

i want me a whole jazz platoon.

i want him sooooooo bad! i am probably going to target this week, though

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