In which non-transforming crap is more exciting than transforming crap.



I think those mini-mates are hideously ugly.

I don't think they are as ugly as those hideous DC minithings, but they are ugly nonetheless.

However, moments ago, I fell in love with Stickfas because of a picture.

Holy crap! These Stickfa Transformers are the... what do the kids say... shit!

I gotsta have that Stickfa Shockwave!

They even did a Ginrai!!!


Is that blitzwing I see in the background?

Yup. Click on it. It'll take you to the Tformers gallery page for all of them.

mini-mates make great Cylons, comic book characters and film characters but not Transformers, not even custom ones like these...

For mini Transformers figures i think i'll stick to the now defunct Myclone range instead...

THE shit. It's THE shit, you geriatric.

I'll get off your lawn now. With my Minimates.

Note I said...

"Stickfa Transformers are the... what do the kids say... shit!"

... I think Frowney wants you to say:
"Stickfa Transformers are THE...what do the kids say..shit."

Leave it to the smart-assed new poster, right. I've been poking around your site for about 6 months now and love it. I'm NOT the only 30 plus geek who loves these stupid toys. Granted I sold (weeps) my G1 collection for a pretty penny, but have since loved it again including the movie and especially the classics characters (which are staring at me at work). Keep up the great blog work. I seriously enjoy it!

Greetings Wurtzy!

Please note:
MiniMates != Stikfas != Pocket Super-heroes != LEGO People != Kubrick

Are you implying that they are all equal?

If so, I disagree. I think minimats and Pocket Super-Heroes (those are the ones I couldn't remember) are just damn ugly.

I'm feeling pretty "meh" on all of these mini-toys. They just don't look that great.

On a different note: last night, I found Target exclusives basics Skyblast & Strongarm (finally!). They were the last of each, along with a Clocker - whom I left on the shelf.

I can't believe I found 'em, seeing as no stores locally have had any TFs in stock the last month. When the heck is Hasbro going to resupply stores???? Where are the wave 2/3 Deluxes & Voyagers???

I love Clocker Shocker!!!


My misreading makes you no less crotchety. Now I'm going to open my Zombie Daredevil/Giant Man Minimates that just came in. Also, it's nice for once that someone else is the hater.


I highly disagree. Also, you forgot the cubicle guys and the now defunct Palz.

MiniMates != Lego men with 14 points of articulation, who can ride in the Alternators.
Stikfas != Larger generic figures with no faces. Also, no licensing.
Pocket Super-heroes != Really, really lame.
LEGO People != A classic design that's just been outdone of late. Also, NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.
Kubrick != Wolverine with a chest like a porn star.

You are all a bunch of tech-morons.
!= means "NOT EQUAL", bitches.

Haha! I knew the moment that I saw the Shockwave on that you'd be posting about him. I'm beginning to think maybe you need to grab "" too...

Oh, and I didn't include the cubicle guys or the Palz because I didn't think they were widely available, as I have not seen them at any of the local shops, that I can recall.

All of the others I listed, aside from the Stikfas, have used licensable properties.

You're all WHACK.

PLAYMOBIL's got all those figures BEAT.

Ok, Playmobil... There's a whole discussion on one of the boards I read (daily) about the new Playmobil and how they rock.

I have yet to see them anywhere but Mr&Mrs B's basement, where they had a collection of German Playmobil stuff.

I am a tech moron, yes. But I would be a poor excuse for a bitch. Besides, Encyclopedia Dramatica has shown me that the less time I spend on the internet, the better.


Oo, Boolean operators. I'll /bang/ that any day. So much finer than .ne., but without the chic retro-appeal.

(Those to whom this makes sense, be advised that your DNA line shall stop with you. Pity, that.)

Menus should be written in Boolean form.

Option: (ham OR cheese) sandwich AND (french fries XOR baked potato)

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I had to make a decision whether to use > or != and decided that there would be less confusion with the != as to the meaning.

Apparently, I made the wrong choice.

(and this was all because I couldn't make the 5th grade math slash-thru-equals-sign character.)


The developers of BASIC actually saw fit, in their wisdom, to make ">" the Boolean operator for inequality. Bang-equals is much prettier.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

You mean this ≠ ?

You need to work in scientific/math publishing for a bit. :-)

I love the fact that if this proves anything, it is that we are symultaneously both masters of our domain, and also utterly ignorant of anything even slightly out of purview. So is technology...

BTW, I'd take ≠ any day over !=, but only if it was anywhere near as easy to type. (A '≠' key, perhaps?) Until that day, bang equals for the win.

Dammit, I must've not found the right cheat-sheet. Ah well, at least folks knew what I was talking about.

Unicode and HTML entities are your friends.


Let's not neglect the sloppy Usenet way:

-1 =/= 0

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Oh, I know this guy. I am a stikfas fan myself.


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