This shit has to be cleaned up today!

Posted on July 29, 2007 11:15 AM | Permalink

I have to have this totally cleaned up by end of day today.

OK. I've got to get the south part of the Attic of Love Disaster cleaned up today.

The last large size G1 guys need to be packed up, all of my computer area needs to be cleaned and wiped down, all old bills and shit need to be sorted and pitched, and the weird shelf I bought from Juice's sister needs to be taken out to the trash for disposal.

I don't care if my back is killing me.

I'm not going to get messed up on painkillers to do this.

I'm going to become one with the pain.

I'm going to pwn the pain!

And when the pain has passed, only I, and a clean attic, will remain!

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Honestly dude, I don't care about your life challenges. The daily bitching and moaning gets old after a time. Get out in the sun and exercise :)

Ummm... it looks like you are the one that's bothering to both read and comment on this shit aren't you?

Don't listen to him, Nala. When I get depressed about the random assembly of particles that comprise my "shelves of love" (which I'll call them until I can come up with a clever name of my own), all I have to do is think "Well, I could be moving and having to box all this shit up." Then I feel better.

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