My god this is amazing!


Jin Saotome Custom - Swinwave
Originally uploaded by weibun76

Jin Saotome does indeed turn shit into gold!!!

I just don't have the kind of time needed to do this!

Movie Swindle was a rather boring figure but look what a little skill will get you.

I may have to try and acquire this one.

The Crack needs a special mascot like this!

One-uva-kind baby!


i must be "signed in to see content" ? Nooooo i wan to view the eye-cand-porn that is "swinwave"

Seems very...HR Geiger-ish.

i guess hasbro notices the kitbashing going on.and since they aint coming out with the Shockwave reissue they just release ish that people can do up you know.only shockwave can do the one eyed thing.dun deal.


If it were really Geigerish that chest cannon would be a penis and you know it.

The guy does some truly awesome work, especially his recent work on the Optimus Prime and Starscream Movie Protoforms...

He managed to make bad figures look good...

Nala you MUST get this, that is a cool looking Shockwave, probably never see anything like that ever again.

This guy is sweet!!

Frowny: Wait a that why the Xenomorph's head looks so phallic? And if it opens its mouth, another little thing comes out and...EWWW!

Yep, the lil' head was supposed to be a weenis, at least according to Giger's concept drawings.

RAR! That's me!! Hello everyone, glad to se you like my Swinwave custom! But wait till you see the new Shockwave G1 custom I finished this last week...

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