At least these haven't been rereleased before.


Wow! TakaraTomy is rereleasing fugly old G1 Ironhide and Ratchet in their Encore line.

Still no Sunstreaker yet.

I think I'll probably get the Sky-Lynx depending on the cost.


And for $35, $35! Ugg why did I ever buy them for $120

Both are certainly awkward and ugly and have been since day one. However, there is a twisted part of me that likes "the Master Control Program was here" face behind their respective windshield heads.

Well, not re-re-released like Megatron and Starscream, et al. But both of these were rereleased in Japan (fairly limited exclusives, as I recall) in 2001.

"Every year we shall gather here in this special place and bring Kenny tidings of soap sculptures and macaroni pictures. And those little shaker things put beans inside of paper plates that are glued together. And let us put patterns of glue on the outside of those paper plates so we can then pour glitter on them so they can look nice and sparkly."

Sorry, I can't hear Master Control Program without thinking "Moses."

Any estimate on the cost for a possible reissue Sky-lynx? I think him and predaking are the coolest from season 3.

I dunno if a reissue Sky Lynx will happen. He's one of those non-Takara molds like Omega Supreme, right?

-hx, I hope Takara tampos those goofy stickerfaces on...

I don't think Sky-Lynx, OS, or Shockwave will ever be released again either.

But there were some pics floating around from some Japanese trade show so maybe he will.

Thing is... I have a feeling he'd be like $150+ dollars.

woo! woo! i am happy with more G1 reissues since i missed most of the book collections. i skipped encore starscream though.

Sadly, I am likely to get these.


a skylynx re-release has already been confirmed.

I think we're pretty much guaranteed a re-release of everybody as long as either (a) the mold isn't broken or lost and (b) HasTakTomy still has the rights.

So at the moment, I think the only guys we're sure *not* to see are Mirage, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack and Omega Supreme. Sky Lynx is apparently still golden.

Having said that, they busted the Soundwave mold too, and were still happy to repro a new one from an existing toy, so there's always hope. :)

God, that means I still have to track down an OS at some point. . . but I'm still waiting for a reissue Trailbreaker.

Never liked these guys ... pass!

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