Who knew The Master could excite me so.

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My memory of what exactly triggered me to go into a 10 minute Doctor Who ramble while outside of the Westin Hotel Providence is a little fuzzy. I think Tom's presence probably started this.

However, with that said, here you go, Nala in all his now-pudgy glory:

Now it is a little long (almost 10 minutes) and long-winded as well. Not to mention totally pointless.

If you don't want to have Series 3 of Doctor Who spoiled for you then don't watch it.

If you want to see me in my Jack Daniels-fueled retarded geekiness and don't give a shit about Doctor Who then by all means enjoy.


I so need to get my shit back together after today!

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I watched all ten minutes of that instead of writing more reviews like I "should" be doing.

I have no clue anything about Dr Who other than there's like 20 of them and the writers have this built in plot gimmick to explain why different actors play him.

Also Daleks are these spiffy salt shaker looking

Still it's pretty crazy funny.

It's hard to lipread a pissed guy!

Anyway, the last epi of Dr Who was.... Shite. After that tremendous build-up over the past few episodes, they ruined it big time.

Shame really...

And now we find out that flamin' Tate woman's coming back...



Just imagine me going on-and-on about how great the series got and then admitting there was one more episode to go.

Now. Having seen that finally episode, you can imagine an additional ending of me being pissed off.

I'll have a minor review/rant up soon about it.

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