So much crap.


So while I spent the day priming and painting, Giga unloaded our offsite storage unit of all of the toys and comics.

Mind you... the garage is already packed with Transformers and the basement has many boxes too.

Toys from Storage, Part 1

Toys from Storage, Part 3

Somehow he got it all locked up in the garage.

Someday, I hope to actually be able to use that garage to park the car in.


O_o wow. that is IMPRESSIVE!

What he failed to mention is that there were about 20 bins in the "for sale" category and at least half the comics boxes.

What I have to do over the next 2 weeks is sort and inventory all of it, and make a decision as to how much more of my collection to sell.

I'm leaving Nala on his own to figure out his stuff. I just got sick of paying $65/month for 50 sq ft.

There's also the equivalent of about 18 bins full in the basement. And about 3-4 bins full upstairs.

Where'd I put my riding mower and Christmas trees and stuff?

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