Slowly but surely.

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P4 - Day 10 - Primed.

On Day 10 the priming began.

In a few days I may actually be done with the primary work and can move the contents of the other bedroom into this one and get that redone.

I figure I'll have a crack vault back sometime in mid-May if all goes well.

The replastering and rebuilding of the corners has been worth it. The ceiling work? Not so much.

I'm leaning towards this insanely bright deep rich yellow-orange called Rise and Shine.

But then I also like this Grape Calvary color.

And then there are these two more earthy natural ones I've come back to over the past 6 months called Pony Tail (the lighter) and Sauteed Mushroom (the darker).

Picking paint colors... and the associated "names"... has literally got to be gayer than collecting toy robots.

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I henceforth insist that all repaints be described only in interior decorating terminology.

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