In which Giga solves a major 6 month dilemma.


Well. I can thankfully say one of the major dilemmas in regards to crack addiction display drama has been solved.

Shelves have been found!!!

Things were looking grim to find shelving that would totally meet my sensibility, be made of real wood, and yet be affordable. The shelves also had to look "adult" and not be cheaper than the toys that were to be displayed on them.

I fully expected to end up paying $1500+ for shelving.

And then, today, Giga found almost exactly what I needed and wanted on CLEARANCE at Office Max of all places.

The slightly beat up display model was only $37 and the other two boxed ones were only $50.

The only other remaining ones were located in Lancaster, OH so they are on hold and he'll snag them Tuesday.

They should be perfect for crack shelves and I saved so much money that it can be spent in the other bedroom, or on the landscaping, or one of a hundred other projects!!!

Thanks G!!!


that looks great! the dark brown against the wall color is really nice too.

Can't wait to see the final, 3 shelf display of the infamous TF collection!!

Yes, clutter always wins there. But the shelves look great. Good score!

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