The Gay Robot Convention draws super mega near!

GRC 2008

I'll try to post some of the stupidity if it occurs.

And all the pics will go to my Flickr Botcon Gallery!


As long as you steer clear of any alcohol fueled Doctor Who rants!


Have a good time dude and i'll look forward to looking through the pictures as you post them cos it's the closest i'm gonna get to Botcon for the foreseeable future...

And if you by chance happen to make another alcohol fuelled rant, Doctor Who or otherwise (I personally would suggest Battlestar Galactica or TF:A) then yeah, so be it cos that was the highlight of last years "Nala's weird and wonderful GRC coverage" for me...

Have a great time! Try not to piss off Peter Cullen this year. :)

I hope the GRC is better than you think it will be. I can only experience the lameness vicariously through attendees like yourself. And if Crazy Steve reads any of his poetry--video would be a great thing, indeed.

And I have to agree with the above posters, the drunken Doctor Who rant was the highlight of last year's Plastic Crack GRC coverage.

Like the others, I hope you are having a great time there now ... can't wait to see your Flickr pics - they are the best thing to almost being there.

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